09.00 INDEX Pita Limcharoenrat’s reflection while standing with Chatchart Sitthiphan

09.00 INDEX Pita Limcharoenrat’s reflection while standing with Chatchart Sitthiphan

Why the picture of Pita Mr Lim Chareonrat Led a group of 32 Bangkok MPs from the Kao Klai Party to visit and discuss with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration led by Mr Chatchart Sittipunt

so a picture of “beautiful” is a beautiful picture “pachit” is a picture of “hope”

Beautiful because behind Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat is a score of more than 14 million people, beautiful because behind Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan is a score of more than 1.5 million points

It is a vote that reflects the political “will” of the people who have the status of being a “mandate” in politics.

This is the basis for “Justice” for Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan to take the position as “Governor of Bangkok” and this is a legal basis for Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat.

This justice is the justice that Mr Yn lives on the table in the world of “Transition” before taking office as “Prime Minister”.

Going to Bangkok City Hall is therefore a “hope”.

it must be admitted that countBut the election on May 14 onwards, the Kaow Klai Party and Mr Pita Limcharoenrat There are not only more than 14 million votes from the people’s election as “basis”.

But there are still more than 10 million votes that people choose Plaid Thai Pheu. Elected members of Thai Pheu Party as a force

when coordinating with the votes cast by the people for Prachachat Party Choose the Sang Thai Chart Party Choose Thai Party Pheu Thai Palang, the Thamma Party, the New Social Power Party, more than 25 million.

to 25 million out of a total of 39 million votes from all parts of the country, transformed into 310 MPs out of a total of 400 MPs. There is complete legitimacy to form a government and run the country.

But this “hope” could not progress completely smoothly.

complete because it is attached to the mechanism due to the “Constitution”

constitutional mechanismIt needs to be accepted by 250 senators by a certain number. And it becomes a sharp question in politics.

which 250 parliamentarians will hold “norms” in “decisions”

decides according to the pressure resulting from the establishment of the 250 parliamentarians, which are linked to the power of the NCPO which is linked to the Department government in May 2014

Or have seen the importance of the decision to choose and give a political “mandate” in May 2023

This decision is in the sharp “eyes” of the “people”.