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‘1.7 billion won → 0 won’… Candidate Yoon’s side “There is no preference”

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The police are investigating the allegations that the company of the wife-in-law of candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, a candidate for the People’s Power, received preferential treatment for an apartment development project in Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do.

But this time, it turned out that Yangpyeong-gun did not impose a development charge of more than 1.7 billion won, which was 0 won.

Candidate Yoon’s side said, “I followed the due process and there was no preference.”

Reporter Kim Soo-yeon reported.


A 350-unit apartment complex.

It was developed by Yoon Seok-yeol, the wife of a presidential candidate for People’s Strength, and was completed in 2016.

Sales confirmed in the audit report, that is, sales from pre-sale, amounted to KRW 79.8 billion.

[부동산 업체 관계자/음성변조 : “실수요자들이 많았어요. 관내 실수요자들. 시점이 절묘하게 맞은 거죠, 저게. 그냥 (분양)했는데 그게 한방에 되더라고.”]

The current law stipulates that 20~25% of the remaining profit after deducting the construction cost and the initial land purchase cost from the sale income is to be paid as a development fee.

However, the developer owned by Yoon’s wife did not pay a penny of this charge.

In the past 10 years, it was the only one out of 10 apartment development projects in Yangpyeong-gun that there was no charge.

Yangpyeong-gun internal data.

In November 2016, the levy, which was estimated at 1.7 billion won, was confirmed as ‘0 won’ after two revision applications.

The argument was accepted that the cost of construction had increased and the profit was not made.

In response, Candidate Yoon’s side said, “There is no problem with the procedure,” Yangpyeong-gun said, “there was a large proportion of land to be donated, so it did not pay the development levy.”

[양평군 관계자/음성변조 : “(개발부담금 부과는) 저희 뭐 다 기준에 따라서 하는 거지… (정정신청이 받아들여진 경우가 또 있나요?) 그거는 근래에는 없었어요.”]

The fact that Yangpyeong-gun retroactively extended the business license deadline by one year and eight months is still controversial.

In particular, it was confirmed that Yangpyeong-gun announced the ‘extension of the deadline’ in the military bulletin arbitrarily without the approval procedure stipulated by the internal regulations during this process.

The official in charge initially claimed that he had “received approval from the director,” but changed his words to “there was only an internal report” to KBS’s query about ‘there was no corresponding content in the approval document’.

The police will soon summon officials to investigate the allegations.

This is Kim Soo-yeon from KBS News.

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