1 hour to close the polling box.

At 4 p.m. on November 28, 2021, reporters reported that there was only one hour left for the people to come out to exercise their right to vote in the election of members of the Sub-District Administrative Organization and the president of the Sub-District Administrative Organization or to elect the Subdistrict Administrative Organization. before closing the chest at 5:00 PM.

While the overview from the observation area of ​​the Election Commission (EC) in many provinces found to be in order People gradually came out to exercise their rights continuously. and strict adherence to public health measures to protect themselves from COVID-19

for counting election votes The committees will be divided into 2 sets of 4 people each, counting the votes for the SAO and the SAO president, and must keep distance between each other according to disease control measures. There are steps to follow.

1st person There will be a duty to take out the card, unfold and check the ballot.

2nd person It is responsible for diagnosing the characteristics of the card. by showing them all around If it’s a good card, read “Good” followed by the applicant’s number. If it is a void card, it shall be decided by the committee of the majority of the units that it is “losing” and why. Then have at least 3 members of the unit to sign their names and endorse the card’s failure and why. In the case of not selecting applicants Then read that no candidates are selected.

3rd person It has the function of repeating and scoring. If it is a good card, say “Good” and mark the score in the applicant number field. If it is a voided card, repeat it as “losing” and mark it in the voided card slot on the board. If the card does not select any applicant then repeat and mark the score in the box

4th person has a duty to punch in the ballot that has been called then folded into the basket according to the good card, bad card and the card does not select any applicant

However, during the counting of the scores or the sum of the scores If the representative of the candidate or elector deems that the counting or consolidation of votes does not comply with the required laws or regulations To submit an objection in the form of Sor. and the members of the polling stations shall examine, make a decision and make a decision. By recording and handing a copy to the objector to keep as well.

After the vote counting is complete, the polling station committee shows that it is an empty card box. Then check whether the number of ballots matched with the number of people who showed up to exercise their rights or not. Check the card to see if it matches the applicant’s score. If it is verified correctly, the polling station committee must sign the ballot form or Sor.Tor/Por.Tor. 5/6 and put all the cards in a transparent bag. The number of cards for each type must also be specified. In the event that the audit is invalid Please double check. but if there is still no match, report to the Election Commission for consideration and notify the Election Director of the local government organization At the same time, the members of the polling station shall record in the report of regular events at the election in the form of SorThor./Por.Thor. 5/3.

Subsequently, the chairman of the polling station made 3 sets of vote-counting announcements by closing one set of announcements at the front of the polling station and collecting ballots, ballot papers and announcing the vote-counting results and putting them in another transparent bag. fasten with a strap Then put it on the ballot box, close the lid with 4 straps and sign on the strap. The next step is for the chairman of the polling station to prepare a report on the delivery of the selection card box. and election equipment Before the members of the polling station and the security officers at the polling place, bring 2 boxes of card and equipment to be delivered to the Election Commission of the local government organization.


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