1 July. July 65 Not forced to wear a mask Summary of the latest measures of Prof. What can be done – can’t?


Thailand is approaching the full “opening of the country” soon when “Prof.’s resolution“latest, adjust the new covid measures to have”relax measures“More by the people canMasks can be removed in open areas starting July 1, 65 this onwards

In addition, measures for restaurants, entertainment venues and provincial zones have been adjusted for all 77 new green areas by Bangkok online business Summary of various practices to make it clear once again that to “relax the measures” this time, what can the people do and not do?

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1. Adjust the “green” area in 77 provinces throughout the country.

The latest Covid-19 situation report is in Phase 3, Declining phase, so July 1, 65 has a chance of becoming Post Pandemic. Ask the people to cooperate with the measures as before.On July 1, 65, there is a consideration to adjust the “green” provincial zone from the original 14 provinces to 77 provinces across the country. and cancel the blue area (Tourism Pilot)

2. Unlock “No need to wear a mask”

Prepare to unlock “Take off masks” in non-crowded and open spaces across the country, effective from the date of the Government Gazette. and other respiratory infections Therefore, you should always carry a mask. when leaving home There are additional recommendations as follows:

  • 608 people who were not vaccinated according to the criteria. Masks should be worn when sharing with other people.
  • infected people, high-risk contacts Wear a mask at all times when together with another person

3. Conditions for wearing a mask outdoor building

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Wear a mask when sharing with other people. Without being able to distance themselves, there is a congestion with a large group of people. or poorly ventilated such as public transport, markets, stadiums or music venues with audiences, etc.

Masks can be removed in some areas. by emphasizing that on the voluntaryness of each individual especially in the open air And athletes who exercise can take off the mask.

4. Conditions for wearing a mask inside the building

Still having to wear a mask inside the building all the time, but can “take off the mask” only in the following cases

  • alone
  • If living with another person who does not reside at the same residence Must be able to distance Excluding crowded groups and well ventilated area
  • There are activities that require removal of masks, such as eating, exercising, facial services, performing arts, etc. (Please proceed with caution. When the activity is finished, wear a mask immediately.)

5. Able to consume liquor in restaurants Pub bar open until 2am

Consumption of liquor or alcohol in restaurants in high surveillance areas and surveillance area to operate as normal as required by law Open entertainment venues to drink alcohol. according to the legal time (open until 02.00) andCanceling temperature screening measures in building premises (may have screening in risky places or places with outbreaks only)

As for ATK screening, check only in patients with respiratory symptoms. Or have a group of more than 2,000 people in addition to the movement of foreign workers. It has been relaxed to operate as normal.

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6. Cancel Thailand Pass

On July 1, 65, foreigners can travel to Thailand more easily. by adjusting the new measures as follows

  • Cancel registration of Thailand Pass for both Thais and foreigners The travelers entering Thailand still need to show the complete vaccination documents. or a negative covid test result
  • to conduct random checks on travelers entering Thailand (If random, the traveler does not have any certification documents will carry out pro-ATK checks at the airport) until the cancellation of the Emergency Decree
  • cancel temperature screening
  • Cancellation of the security deposit

7. Respite from filming, filming

As for the relaxation of filming TV programs/movies and videos, there are a total of 6 measures starting on July 1, which are:

  • Everyone must be fully vaccinated.
  • Adjust the spacing to at least 1 – 2 meters / cancel the temperature measurement.
  • The ATK examination is for everyone to check before entering the filming area every time. and if it is taken continuously, repeat the examination every 5-7 days.
  • All staff on the set Wear a mask at all times while the workers in front of the scene. (Announcer MCs, actors, guests, everyone) are required to take off their masks only to perform their duties in front of the scene.
  • In the event that the worker is a high-risk contact/infected person The workers on the set are allowed to work wearing masks. But the people who work in front of the scene, stop coming to work.
  • Risk Management Plan There should be a message before entering the list that the measures have been followed. focus on the use of image files Include Universal Prevention content.
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Reference: Prof. Resolution 17 June 65


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