‘1 Night 2 Days’ maknae Yoo Seon-ho, “Where is Moon Se-yoon!”

The official ‘1 Night 2 Days’ paper doll, Yoo Seon-ho, fights with a giant teddy bear.
In KBS 2TV’s ‘1 Night 2 Days Season 4’ (hereafter referred to as ‘1 Night 2 Days’) ‘Youth Travel’, broadcast on the 26th, a ‘Honey Jam’ is anticipated with the members performing waking mission in a dream state.

The six men who gathered together for a wake-up call with breakfast carried out a ‘part-time job’, a symbol of youth. He hears a guide from the production team to choose one of the numbers 1 to 6 freely, and shows a confused look, wondering who the item is to be delivered.

A full beer, a perilous tangerine tower, and a giant teddy bear were each assigned to the giant delivery goods, and one member who chose the beer said, “Do I have to deliver this, or eat it,” and everyone on the site was greeted even before the labor began Rumor has it that he was dyed a sea of ​​laughter.

Meanwhile, Mun Se-yoon and Yoo Seon-ho, who have to deliver a teddy bear, struggle with the big teddy and sweat to move it to the delivery location. Yoo Seon-ho, the official paper doll of ‘1 Night 2 Days’, encounters a funny situation where he appears to be eaten by a teddy bear during birth, he applies and showing his appearance as the youngest, raising expectations.

Despite having a map, Sae-yoon Mun has a hard time finding a delivery location due to her instincts to guide her. He fusses about finding a delivery location, like using PD Chance to check the route, but he can’t hide his embarrassment at the unexpected situation. Broadcast at 6:15pm on the 26th.

iMBC Hyeyoung Kim | Photo courtesy of KBS

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