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1 year passed quickly like a lie! Dr.S.Dr. Reveals that 2020, the world has smashed the record for the fastest turning in more than 50 years

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The National Astronomical Research Institute has released data for 2020, the world smashed the record for the fastest rotation in more than 50 years, with the shortest 28 days.

Facebook page reports NARIT National Astronomical Research Institute Yesterday (26 Jan 64) revealed information that the world is turning faster. With details that The first month of the year 2021 is past. Many people would feel that January Each month since the second half of 2020 appears to be longer than usual due to the intense COVID-19 situation that has been ongoing.

But did you know that the time period on earth is actually shorter? Because our habitable planet is spinning faster! [Peter Whibberley, NPL in The Telegraph]

Usually one rotation of the Earth or a period of a day. It is approximately 24 hours, but the rate of rotation of the Earth is gradually slowing down due to the tidal friction caused by the moon. Including the change in the motion of fluid around the earth’s axis

Today, our one-day period is approximately 0.0017 seconds longer than it was a decade ago. As such, the Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC, used by the entire world for scheduling, will be adjusted. To reflect the Earth’s rotation period

This adjustment is done by adding a leap second (Leap second) to the last second of June. Or December, if following that second, the numbers can be seen on the digital face of the international clock after 23:59:59 to 23:59:60 instead of 00:00:00. Time 50 years

The last time leap seconds were added to universal time was on December 31, 2016, year-end seconds. [IERS Bulletin C (leap second announcements)]

However, time metrologists found that in the year 2020 that just passed There are days with the shortest duration of 28 days. Based on statistics since 1966, it is considered to reduce the leap second. They might be doing the minus time! Whether or not the deletion of time will occur depends on the Earth’s rotation rate. How long it will continue to accelerate like this

Universal time adjustment with that leap second In addition to making the Earth’s time accurate with the solar system time. Let us see the sun rise according to the morning and evening time of man. It is also important to large electronic systems that cover all areas of the world. Which references both time information from international time And satellite signals (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDu)

Time of these systems There is a leap second as one of the variables that must always be kept accurate. Because only one second It may cause errors during the transmission of information, causing misuse of stock trading or financial transactions. Until the tragedy in the air Making the aircraft unable to calculate the correct flight altitude!

Measuring the time of the Earth’s rotation This can be done by measuring the time orbit of the satellite. And calculate back to the time the world takes to spin around itself However, the results may hide errors from factors such as the geocentre motion used by satellites as the center of orbit. And the gravitational force of celestial bodies related to the motion of the Earth, such as the moon, nearby planets And the sun etc.

Another technique that is more accurate to measure the time of Earth’s rotation It is a network of radio telescopes, very long-distance interference (Very Long Baseline Interferometry) Yi Audacy, or VLBI, Yeonzi method is to use two or more radio telescopes to receive signals from the same celestial object. In the same period The use of celestial bodies that are millions of light years distant as the reference objects of that measure. Will produce results with high precision Because the angular distance of such objects is small Therefore there is very little discrepancy And also free from the effects of gravity of the Earth or the surrounding celestial bodies Different from satellites which are in Earth orbit

Now Thailand The National 40-meter Radio Telescope and the Vigos Radio Telescope (VLBI Geodetic Observing System (VGOS), 13 meters) are underway under the Radio Astronomy and Geodetic Network Development Program. Located within the Royal Initiative Huai Hong Khrai Royal Development Study Center, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province, operated by the National Astronomical Research Institute. (Public Organization)

When the development is complete, it will join the international network of long-distance radio interference telescopes (VLBI) – Southeast Asia’s first station. It is also an important network location because it is close to the equator. Which is the network connection point Between the northern and southern hemisphere stations Increase the efficiency of observation of the entire network Higher To find answers about the possibility of universal time Change of the world Including further discoveries in the universe. Data and compiled: Natthaporn Tulsaengngam – Engineer, Geodesy, National Astronomical Research Institute. (Public Organization)

Thanks for information from Facebook NARIT National Astronomical Research Institute

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