10/29 Disaster Truth Investigation Conclusion, 45 days from tomorrow

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Today, the ruling and the opposition parties reached an agreement after twists and turns to conduct a state affairs investigation to discover the truth of the October 29 disaster.

Ultimately, the power of the people, who felt burdened by public opinion demanding a government investigation, accepted the government’s investigation.

Instead, the Democratic Party took a step back to deal with the budget bill first.

Reporter Kim Min-chan will tell you.

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The official name of the government’s investigation, which will start tomorrow, is .

The period is 45 days and can be extended by resolution at the plenary meeting.

However, there was a condition attached.

Next year’s budget will be processed and a full government investigation will begin.

It reflects the strength demand of the people.

[박홍근/더불어민주당 원내대표]

“If the plan is processed at the plenary on the 24th, then we will go through the preliminary preparation process after the budget bill has been processed, and so we can hold the so-called full inquiry immediately on after the budget bill has been processed. .”

Witnesses were prevented from refusing to be investigated by the state simply because they were under investigation.

The targets of the investigation included the State Affairs Situation Room of the Office of the President, the National Emergency Management Center of the Office of National Security, the Office of the Prime Minister, the Office of the Supreme Prosecutor, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and the National Police Agency, who investigates. disaster of October 29.

The Presidential Security Service and the Ministry of Justice were withdrawn against opposition from the ruling party.

[주호영/국민의힘 원내대표]

“The Democratic Party insisted that the security agency do it, but it was difficult for us to accept it because it was such an argument, ‘Isn’t this accident caused by the relocation of the presidential office to Yongsan ?’ So let’s look at the security agency.”

It appears that the reason why the people’s power accepted the state affairs inquiry was because the bereaved families of the 10.29 disaster strongly demanded a state affairs inquiry and felt burdened by the high public opinion in favor of .

Instead, we got the cooperation of the opposition parties in dealing with next year’s budget and bills.

The opposition parties have also been relieved of the burden of a halfway parliamentary inquiry without a ruling party.

The ruling and the opposition parties intend to pass the government’s investigation plan in a plenary meeting in the afternoon following the committee’s special meeting tomorrow morning.

As a result, the investigation into the truth of the 10.29 disaster has been carried out in two axes: the police investigation and the National Assembly investigation.

This is MBC News Kim Min-chan.

Video commentary: Song Rok-pil, Hwang Sang-wook / Video editing: Yun Chi-young

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