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10 Chambers Collective’GTFO’, new rundown’Reverse’ update

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[OSEN=임재형 기자] A new rundown’Reverse’ has been added to the hardcore horror action FPS’GTFO’.

On the 30th, 10 Chambers Collective updated a new rundown’Reverse’ to the first-person horror action FPS’GTFO’, which is being serviced with Steam Early Access. ‘GTFO’, which was released in December 2019, boasts a notoriety as’an incredibly difficult game’, and a four-player collaborative FPS attracted attention with the participation of the core developers of’Payday: The Heist’ and’Payday 2′. All.

In’GTFO’, the player takes on the role of a prisoner. As a team of four, at the command of the warden, they are taken to the terrible underground laboratory’Complex’ to perform the mission. In order to successfully complete the mission, active cooperation and division of roles of the four members are key, such as struggling with a powerful variant monster and entering commands into the device to find the necessary items.

‘GTFO’ regularly introduces new missions, maps, scenarios, and enemies that replace the previous content through the updated concept of’Rundown’, stimulating players’ endless desire for challenge.

The 5th rundown’Rebirth’, which is updated this time, is a darker and more eerie environment, as well as new adventures and dangers. A’booster’ is added that will motivate you to challenge. When you explore the’complex’ and collect the’relics’ that the warden is looking for,’boosters’ are injected into the brain as a reward. You can improve rifle damage or gain the ability to hack faster.

In addition,’GTFO’ will provide clues of curiosity that players would have been curious about, such as the reason prisoners are sent to the’Complex’ due to the expansion of the scenario, and the cause of becoming prisoners. /[email protected]

Reporter Lim Jae-hyung

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