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Original title: 10 Chinese female soccer players study abroad, “sound of roses” blooming abroad one after another

Zhang Linyan scored his first goal in the Swiss Premier League, Wang Shuang gave her first assist in the American League and helped the team win its first victory, Shen Menglu scored his first goal in the Su Super League … During the week last, China, which has been in foreign leagues, has There are frequent reports of good news from the women’s soccer women They continue to make progress and progress, making full preparations for the World Cup tour of the women’s soccer team Chinese next year.

There are as many as 10 foreign players

As the number one star of the Chinese women’s soccer team, Wang Shuang’s performance in the Louisville Athletic team has always attracted the attention of fans. However, the rival team was in normal condition before, and Wang Shuang lost the first four league games after joining. In last week’s game against the Orlando Glory, starter Wang Shuang assisted his teammates to score in the 50th minute. Getting his first assist at his new club, he finally helped the team win 2- 0.

Zhang Linyan, who joined the Swiss Grasshoppers on loan, scored consecutive goals. After scoring his first goal in the cup match at the beginning of the month, he scored his first goal in Ruichao in the “Derby” against Zurich Women’s Football Team last week, helping the team beat their rivals 2- 0. “Second year student studying abroad” Shen Menglu also completed a “milestone”. In the Celtics’ 6-0 win over Hamilton College women’s soccer last week, she scored her first goal in the Suzhou Super League with a beautiful strike from the penalty area. . The 20-year-old switched from Sporting to the Soviet Super League this season, and became team-mates with another Chinese player, Shen Mengyu. In addition, Tu Linli, who played for Iceland’s FHL women’s soccer team, also scored goals in the league last week. As a striker, she currently leads the Icelandic league’s scorers list with 16 goal in 18 rounds.

In addition to Wang Shuang, Zhang Linyan, Shen Menglu, Shen Mengyu, and Tu Linli, there are also 5 Chinese female soccer players playing abroad, namely Tang Jiali (CFF Madrid, Spain), Li Mengwen (Paris Saint-Germain , France). ), Yang Lina (Paris, France) Saint-Germain), Zhao Yujie (Denmark), Yang Shuhui (Moscow, Russia). In addition, Chinese women’s soccer midfielder Xiao Yuyi is also actively contacting foreign teams and is expected to become the 11th player to study abroad.

Shui Qingxia urges players to go out

Among the top three women’s football teams in East Asia, the number of Chinese women’s football teams playing abroad this season has greatly surpassed that of South Korea and is basically tied with Japan.

Chinese women’s soccer coach Shui Qingxia made it clear once again in an interview a few days ago that she supports the players to “go out”. He said: “I definitely hope that players can exercise in a high-level environment. It is a good thing for the players to have the opportunity to study abroad.” Qingxia also admitted that if the players choose to study abroad, there will inevitably be a clash with the national team training camp; it is also difficult for players who do not have many opportunities to compete abroad to secure their status. But she still wants to encourage the players to try, “Everything has advantages and disadvantages. The first step is to let them go out and have a look, hoping that they can adapt to the rhythm of conflict abroad as soon as possible. Some players may that they won’t be able to Ideal, but I hope they can adapt as soon as possible.”

In preparation for next year’s Women’s World Cup, the Chinese women’s soccer team went to the United States to train for a month. For players aiming to improve their level, high quality training and competition in high level leagues are indispensable. Playing in high level leagues in Europe and America ensures the latter aspect. International player Tang Jiali, who played for Premier League powerhouse Tottenham Hotspur for the first time overseas last year, bluntly stated that the intense and fast-paced competitive environment of the Premier League has greatly improved him, especially in physical confrontation. and reading games. Wang Shuang also expressed emotion on social media a few days ago that the physical conflict in the American League is very fierce.

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