10 good news

“Our body is our freedom. not a pharmaceutical company Against crimes against humanity compulsory vaccination indefensible But one of the side effects is death.”

The rally had activities to hold signs, messages and pictures such as…

Two injections are extinguished.

A young man injects a cross formula! fell in front of his friends tragically

One day, 3 bodies, 2 needles

Death/permanent disability 1,460 Disabled 148 Sick 5,159

I have been fooled for 2 years. Everything is worse. I signed my consent. I can’t sue even if I’m disabled / dead.

where is the risk There is a choice.

stop compulsory vaccination

Freedom not force

Vaccination. There is a right to die because I was forced to vaccinate. But without vaccination, they have the right to life to face the challenge of death from coronavirus. Better choose the latter

rally on saturday There were also leaflets that asked 5 questions.

1. Do you know? that there are many Thai people who die / get sick from all brands of covid test vaccine.

2. Did you know that Vaccine manufacturers are not responsible for all voluntary death/illness. participate in vaccine trials

3. Did you know that NHSO pay compensation (from Thai tax) to people affected after injection of more than 712 million baht (data as of 3 Dec. 21)

4. Do you know? that there are many Thai people who are affected after injection but don’t know how to call for help

5. Are you sure? The next one won’t be you/the one you love???

Read all the reasons for resistance and what do you think?

Yes, first of all, you have to understand. until now People are not compelled to vaccinate. because it is the right not to inject It’s true physical freedom.

At the same time, those who refused to vaccinate have to accept the consequences If infected with COVID-19 It is at higher risk of death than people who have been vaccinated.

But that’s just your own responsibility.

There is also a responsibility to others. from family level Confirmed at the national level that the group “The Resistance THA Coalition Against Forced Vaccination” did not mention

Families with a group of patients with 8 congenital diseases are:

high blood pressure

coronary artery arrhythmia


Chronic kidney disease, dialysis and kidney transplant patients

Asthma, chronic pneumonia

cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis



If united against vaccination The chance of dying is very high.

or where there are elderly people, grandparents, grandmothers who live in the roof with their grandchildren who refuse to vaccinate Older people in the house have a chance to get sick because their children bring the infection into the house.

At the national level, outside the home, such as at work, in public places, people who refuse to vaccinate have the opportunity to infect others.

Therefore, when claiming rights in one’s own body should also take into account the rights of the body of others

the language of the villagers, he said “Know how to be socially responsible”

The latest vaccination figures yesterday evening (5 December) have accumulated 95,262,043 doses.

About 50 million people have been vaccinated.

Is it fair to take yourself? Death/permanent disability 1,460 Disabled 148 Sick 5,159 Come to campaign against vaccination.

If you don’t want to inject it, just keep that feeling with you.

but should not persuade others, do not inject, just claiming rights in one’s own body

The world society has a lot of this group and lately it has begun to appear clearly that Group of deaths from covid-19 Most of them were not vaccinated.

Let’s look at the numbers for America and Europe as an example.

Refusing to vaccinate, there is no law to enforce it.

Both ML Rungkun Kitiyakon, Dr. Atthaphon Sukhonthaphirom Na Phatthalung and Dr Erawadee Mitphakdi are likely to have not been vaccinated. would know that Living after this has to face social measures.

Social measures refer to the methods of social processes. to create control and create social penalties

based on moral principles or good traditions of society

But there was not enough weight to be punished. equal to the use of legal sanctions

You will be traveling by domestic plane. You must have proof of vaccination.

If you go abroad, you have to show. passport vaccine

Unless you’re not going anywhere. stay with family There are elders There are patients with high-risk groups We went to measure ourselves.

Yes…Let’s go see some good news. Facebook Sunt Srianthumrong written by Dr. Sant Srianthamrong, Special Lecturer of the Faculty of Environmental Development Administration. University of Development Administration (NIDA)

…Covid-19 : Happy Father’s Day, 10 good news, Thailand after opening the city

1. “Prasat Sai Goes On” Phuket won Open Battle, smashing Wave #5 successfully, with a chance to have 30 people a day before the end of the year, able to travel.

2. Northern cities, Chiang Mai are safe. Vaccines touch almost 70%. The downtrend continues. There are 30 people left to win a day before the end of the year.

3. Thailand passed the exam in the opening of the city, the semester, without affecting the downtrend at all, doing very well

4. The big Loy Krathong event passed the exam without Super Spreader, giving a chance to organize a New Year’s event.

5. Phra Nakhon was successfully recaptured. and the fortress camp is still strong Even though the numbers are not going down But it’s far from an uptrend. Much better than Singapore, London, Paris.

6. The mortality rate in Bangkok is reduced from 2% to 0.5% and can still be reduced by half. Vaccines really help.

7. The three southern provinces continued to decline. It will be safer if you go to have a lot of vaccinations.

8. Andaman Coast downhill in every province all safe Vaccines have reached almost 70%.

9. Northeastern Districts, Khon Kaen, although the vaccine is still few But it’s a downtrend May see daily numbers below 30 before the new year.

10. Thai people win Delta with only 60% vaccine power, if they help each other to inject it to 90%, they will definitely win. and may be able to compete with Omicron

happy father’s day Thailand is cute and nice to live in. It’s back to be safe. help a little Two needles per person, wear masks, wash your hands regularly, use eyes and ears to extract Omicron, and then you will be able to celebrate the New Year together in the whole country….

A safe country, everyone needs to help each other.

If you only hold your own rights and refuse to be vaccinated Oh Micron likes it.

Think of the huge number of people in trouble if they had to lock down again.

So don’t be selfish.


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