10 handsome, cool, stylish, easy to maintain and follow low cut hairstyles

10 low cut hairstyles that open on the side or front are cool and look good easily

1. Underwire simple-cut low
low cut shoes It is a haircut where the base of the hair is lower than the earlobe. The bottom is only slightly shorter. Suitable for people with normal hair thickness. not too thick It is also suitable for people with flat, crooked or abnormal head shapes as the hair at the back will help hide the shape.

2. Give the edge a low shape
Below the low cut, the edge will look like a low cut with an open side cut. Use the comb or clippers to trim the shape to expose the edge. Makes the hair on the side thicker, longer and more visible than other styles. The advantage of this shape is It can be fixed or adjusted to many shapes

3. Medium low cut
For anyone who wants to change their style to be an elegant man who looks good Can cut a middle part, low cut Comb a little, use your hands to style it, or anyone who wants to set it can make it look better than before, made easy. Guaranteed to get a hairstylelow braNew styles that are desirable in Korean style.

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4. A low-cut bra made from banyan roots.
Banyan roots low cut is considered a popular hairstyle among teenagers or early working people. This style will focus on shortening the sides. long down the side but leave the back and bottom Originally, long hair will be up to the shoulders or back. But if anyone doesn’t want to take special care, they can cut the low shape number 1 or 2.

5. Under the low back
low braTui back is a hairstyle that focuses on cutting the back area to stand out more than usual. It can be cut to accentuate the edge. Or cut to emphasize the curvature of the hair at the back to get a higher shape Increase handsomeness, cool, suitable for men who want to change their look into a dark look.

6. Two-block low cut bra
popular oppa hairstyle Unlike a normal low cut that will lift the hair on the sides. and the top of the hair alley to close The advantage of this shape is It can be adjusted in many styles and it is suitable for all types of hair, making men, small and older, choose to cut this hairstyle.

10 handsome, cool, stylish, easy to maintain and follow low cut hairstyles
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7. Low-cut, side-opening, vintage
If we talk about popular hairstyles in the 90s, it would not be out of the low cut, open on the sides, vintage, which, although time has passed But now it is still popular. and add your favorite hair color This may be due to being influenced by celebrities or celebrities, causingLow cut bra with open sides Cool vintage is one of the boys’ choices.

8. Place a low shape at the top, at the front.
This hairstyle is suitable for young men. Sir who likes simple, normal hairstyles, no need to decorate it or set up anything special. Leave the hair on top and left front natural, you can be handsome, cool, good looking easily, or anyone who can style the hair on top or sides can add dimension to the surface.

9. Low-cut bangs
The low cut bangs are suitable for young men. with a wide forehead want to include the forehead area, this is a style, as well as leaving the bangs can be decorated or placed in many ways, such as bending volume making a comma Or curling in can add brightness and coolness at the same time.

10 handsome, cool, stylish, easy to maintain and follow low cut hairstyles
Thanks for the photo from IG: @gun_atthaphan

10. Low-cut bra, open at the top
A low-cut bra with open sides is similar tolow braNormal or Undercut Just cut the hair or cut the sides short. Then keep the hair on top harder than usual and it will easily look better. Or if anyone is worried that the hair will cover their face, they can place the top of the hair to add features. It is low shaped, open at the top, beautiful.

hairstylelow braIt is a hairstyle suitable for Thai men who do not need extra care or styling. It can help adjust personality or adjust a new look to be naturally handsome, cool and good looking. But if anyone wants to add dimension to the face or change a new look every day Can install more hair

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