’10 Jobs’ Park Jae-min, nosebleed during live broadcast… “I will be sober”

Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.03.30 10:07

/Photo=KBS2 ‘Morning to Try M&W’ broadcast screen

Broadcaster Park Jae-min suffered a nosebleed during a live broadcast.

Park Jae-min surprised everyone with a nosebleed during a live broadcast of KBS2’s ‘Good Morning M&W’, which aired on the 30th.

About 23 minutes into the broadcast, a nosebleed suddenly flowed from Park Jae-min’s nose.

Park Jae-min lowered his head in surprise, but then, while he was bleeding from his nose, he greeted the panel and acted naturally as if nothing had happened.

/Photo=KBS2 ‘Morning to Try M&W’ broadcast screen

Acknowledging this, co-host announcer Lee Ji-yeon asked, “Are you okay?” Jaemin Park said, “It’s time to take vitamin C.”

Park Jae-min continued to broadcast after wiping his nosebleed once, but the nosebleed flowed again and in the end he had to cover his nose with a tissue and continue the broadcast.

When panel reporter Lee Dae-ho announced that he would host KBS1 FM Radio’s ‘Sense of Success I’m Lee Dae-ho’, Park congratulated Jae-min, but joked, “Isn’t my position under threat?”

Announcer Lee Ji-yeon joked to Park Jae-min, “So you have to manage your condition well to keep this position,” and Park Jae-min cheerfully responded, saying, ” I will wake up.”

Meanwhile, Park Jae-min majored in physical education at Seoul National University, and worked as a translator, writer, and sports commentator as well as being an actor, earning the nickname ‘Six Jobs’ for having 10 jobs.

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