10 Look Patrick INTO1 with cool fashion and brands

Patrick INTO1 Patrick INTO1

7.) Looking handsome and smooth Patrick 🤍

Came without a break with the next appearance of the young Patrick. This fashion comes from a famous brand that we think many friends will definitely recognize each other. As a brand called New Era, New Era, by the young Patrick, chose to wear a dark blue shirt with a zip up decoration. It’s a chic stand-up collar and then paired with a long sleeve suit and pants that are a beautiful and creamy white. which is the color tone that suits the young Patrick very much Then, add items that are a yellow fur belt bag with black N and Y embroidery all over the bag and a beautiful yellow gold embroidery with the word NY, which shows the brand symbols very clearly and the last item is white sneakers With tones that match the look and also has the word NY, and any of young Patrick’s hairstyles are trendy ok I can’t smell the 90’s style! It is called another face of the young Patrick who made our way so reckless 🫠🫶🏻

Patrick INTO1Patrick INTO1

8.) Young Patrick’s chic, fashionista look.

Young Padrig’s next look It must be said that he is very fashionable. Start by choosing to wear it as a double layer shirt. It’s lace and a bright colored dress. Then top it all off with an oversized brown blazer with small checks and all black on the sleeves. Match it with red pants. Is a velvet fabric that has a very distinctive menace, then a beret hat is the item of this look. Which is a black and white checkerboard pattern, a chic bright red scarf, chic hanging gimmicks on the pants in gold from Gucci and complete this look with ankle socks. and shiny black leather culottes Well, it’s called one of young Patrick’s looks which is tight and handsome. If you’re a fashionista, don’t tell anyone!

Patrick INTO1Patrick INTO1

9.) Valentino boy, Patrick style

Let’s move on to the last but not least look! For this look, the young Patrick chose to wear a white round neck t-shirt. Then wear it as a basketball feeling jacket with a fluffy front decorated with Valentino logo embroidered on it, which is a metallic iridescent gray. This person is by wearing white socks and sneakers. And holding a Valentino bag. The leather is black. It’s a complete Boy Valentino look, Patrick style. It’s called one look that mixes and matches the clothes and the tones really well. Let me use the word handsome and melt, mom!!

Patrick INTO1

Patrick INTO1

Patrick INTO1Patrick INTO1

10.) Balmain flirting with Patrick.

Let’s travel to the last look of young Patrick. By this look, let’s finish with this fashion look. The young Patrick chose to wear a white round neck t-shirt. The words Balmain Paris are screened in pink-yellow tones. which has a very distinctive look And choose to wear white jeans that go well with the look and wear it as eco-friendly cream socks, which is one of the looks of the young Patrick that we really like. inner thought Also, there’s a chic hair set that goes well with Patrick’s young man. Love him, mom. ♥️

Patrick INTO1

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It’s over for 10 Patrick INTO1 looks with cool fashion and brands. I have to say that young Patrick is a handsome, cool, cute idol, another person in the industry besides being good at being an idol. artist then When it comes to fashion photography You have to give this to another fashionista at all. Because no matter if the person will match What outfit to wear, which one is a pug that must be lost in denial You can do it ^^

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