10 people killed after landing on Odesa apartment house Ukraine regains Zmiinyi Island at the Black Sea strategic point | Reuters

[Kiev (Kyiv) 1st Reuters]–Russian missiles landed on apartments in the port city of Odessa (Odessa) in southern Ukraine early on the 1st, killing at least 10 people. Local officials have revealed. The day before, Ukrainian troops regained Zmiinyi Island, a strategic outpost in the Black Sea, from Russian troops.

Initially, it was reported that six people, including three children, had died, but a spokesman for Odesa’s government agency posted on the communication app “Telegram” that “the death toll has increased to ten.”

Reuters has not been able to confirm the details on its own.

Russian troops withdrew from Snake Island on the 30th. Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian ports may be loosened as the Ukrainian side wins.

Russia has announced that it has decided to withdraw from Serpent Island as a “sign of goodwill” to show that Russia is not interfering with the UN’s efforts to establish a humanitarian corridor that allows grain transport from Ukraine. did.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has announced that Russian troops have withdrawn after being bombarded and attacked by missiles. President Zelensky said in a video speech that he had won a strategic victory, saying, “This is not yet a guarantee of security, nor is it a guarantee that the enemy will not return. It’s a limitation. Step by step, drive them out of our sea, land, and air. “

In contrast, in the city of Lysychans’k in Lugansk Oblast, eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian troops are desperately defending against Russia’s dominant firepower.

Governor Guydai of the state said on television that Russian troops were bombarded from different directions and that Russian troops were approaching from multiple directions.

“The firepower dominance of the occupiers is still very clear,” Zelensky said.

At least 10 people were killed when a Russian missile landed on an apartment complex in the port city of Odessa (Odessa) in southern Ukraine before dawn on July 1. The day before, Ukrainian troops regained Zmiinyi Island, a strategic outpost in the Black Sea, from Russian troops. Taken in April (2022 Reuters / Nacho Doce)

US President Joe Biden has announced that the US government will announce additional $ 800 million in military assistance to Ukraine within a few days after the closing of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit. He said the United States and NATO members are united to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We don’t know what the end will be, but it won’t end with Russia’s defeat in Ukraine. Ukraine has already hit Russia seriously,” he said at a press conference. I will continue to support you forever. “

The Ukrainian army posted an image on Facebook that appears to have taken Jijima from the sky. A few black smokes were seen rising, saying, “(The enemy army) seems to have left the island. Now, the island is in flames and an explosion is occurring.”

Ukrainian troops have not yet occupied Zmiinyi Island, but intend to do so, according to Ukrainian military officials.

“Most importantly, grain exports from the port city of Odesa, which is essential to the Ukrainian economy and the world’s food supply, could be paved,” said Rob Li of the U.S.-based Institute for Foreign Policy (FPRI). That’s it. “

Russia withdrew from Jashima “as a result of NATO’s provision of weapons to Ukraine.”

U.S. Secretary of State Brinken has accused Russia of deliberately causing and “threatening” world hunger, while Russia has denied port closures and sanctions on Western nations have restricted Russia’s exports. It claims to have caused food shortages.

Putin said on the 30th that Russia did not hinder Ukraine’s grain exports and said that even if Ukraine’s agricultural products were lost from the world’s food markets, the impact would be minor.

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