10 trips for Songkran 2023 from popular foreign countries Escape the heat and sleep in a foreign country

10 trips to visit Songkran 2023, must visit popular, beautiful, good weather foreign countries

1. Travel for Songkran 2023 Abroad: France

France is one of the objectivesSongkran Tour 2023 Because during April, the weather is cold. You can walk and admire the beauty of the country’s architecture. Louvre Museum French triumphal arch or see the Eiffel Tower France’s most popular Landmarks conveniently. Don’t worry about hot weather.

2. Travel for Songkran 2023 Abroad: Vietnam

Vietnam has become a popular destination for Thai tourists. Because they have a similar environment, low money, full of different styles of attractions. Importantly, the temperature or weather during April in Vietnam is only 17-23 degrees Celsius. Perfect for a walk through the city. or do interesting local activities in this cultural city.

3. Travel for Songkran 2023 abroad: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are rich in nature and the beauty of palaces, churches, cathedrals, castles or statues. These important landmarks are full of interesting historical stories. Whether walking around the city Or take pictures at different times, it is beautiful, becoming a placeSongkran Festival 2023 abroadpopular

4. Travel for Songkran 2023 Abroad: Japan

It is undeniable that Japan is one of the best tourist destinations around the world. including Thai tourists due to cold weather Especially during the month of Songkran which falls on spring. Whether visiting Ashikaga Flower Park Matsumoto Castle, Asakusa Temple or shrines are also impressive, can travel in all forms.

5. Travel for Songkran 2023 Abroad: Taiwan

nice for those who like to travel in the Mu line, see art or culture withSongkran 2023 tour abroadIn Taiwan, the city is full of ancient temples. famous ancient village park including a variety of natural attractions As well as learning the local culture. also full of beautiful nature as well

6. Travel for Songkran 2023 Abroad: New Zealand

Songkran Festival New Zealand falls on the autumn to winter season. So, it’s good weather of the year. Most tourists like to travel to see nature, lakes and trees changing colour. and if anyone is interestedSongkran Festival 2023 abroad There are nature activities, museums, art galleries, or adrenaline pumping activities like bungee jumping. mountain bike This is another option that guarantees you will be satisfied with every style.

7. Travel for Songkran 2023 Abroad: Türkiye

Türkiye, tourist city The temperature during April is only -6 to 5 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for those who escape the heat to rely on the cold weather. The main highlight of this city is Going on a big balloon to see a 360 degree view of the city, as well as being amazing, the scenery is beautiful. can also enjoy the view from the sky and nature that is typical of Turkey

8. Travel for Songkran 2023 Abroad: Australia

Australia is one of the target countries.Songkran Tour 2023 Because this is the center of architecture, culture, art which is interesting. There is also nature, food, or a variety of products to choose from for shopping. Guaranteed that you will walk and travel chilled. I’m so addicted I don’t want to go back

9. Travel for Songkran 2023 Abroad: South Korea

Korea, apart from having street food and various products to choose from shopping There are also many activities to do here. Whether playing in an amusement park. Enjoy the view at Enzo Tower See the aquarium Or rent a hanbok to go for a walk and take pictures, I guarantee it meets the needs of young and old tourists, definitely get beautiful pictures to post on social media.

10. Travel for Songkran 2023 abroad: Singapore

Although it is not very far from Thailand. But Singapore is a dream country for many people. Because it is safe, clean, able to travel in many ways In terms of nature, art, dining, shopping, as well as seeing modern architecture. Everyone will be impressed by the simplicity but uniqueness of this place.

choose a tripSongkran Festival 2023 abroad As well as preparing for the weather It is wise to prepare personal medicine. or home remedies due to temperature change Prepare necessary accessories such as power banks, chargers, and passports. and important documents In order to travel during Songkran abroad smoothly this time full of impressions.


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