10 ways Jumanji and Zathura could be set in the same universe

The universes of movies and books are always the most fascinating. They can range from fantastic worlds beyond our imaginations to horrifying creations that one would never want to see. Of course, this leads fans to wonder: Is it possible that two universes exist within each other?

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The question comes into focus with two different book-based films. Zathura is Jumanji are two books written by the same author that have been turned into films with different receptions. Although some things about the franchises don’t add up, like all ways Jumanji: the next level doesn’t exactly make sense – the galaxy idea of Zathura and the jungles of Jumanji existing together has a logic.

10 Games

Jumanji the board game

Needless to say, one of the most important things it binds Zathura and Jumanji together lies in what the two proprietary things actually are. Both appear to be simple board games, games that once started unleash fantastic realities on players.

Of course, this then raises the question of who made the games. Is there a mysterious game creator who creates different worlds hidden within board games that come to life and has made both of these games? This simple but imaginative theory is just one of the ways the two games could be linked in a larger universe.

9 Effects on reality

House floating in space

“Reality is whatever I want it to be.” Thanos’ iconic MCU quote, which has become quite the meme, sums up what could be the borderline for the two board games, each of which has immense effects on reality in one way or another.

Whether it’s tearing up a house in outer space, trapping high school students in a video game, or even unleashing jungle animals in a small town, both games have the same effect: manipulating reality according to one’s whims and needs to achieve one’s own. targets .

8 Different places

Jumanji's jungle

Each film relies on intriguing locations and scenes to entice viewers and captivate them, with locations blasting unique and fantastic worlds in the best possible way. With each place you can discover something new.

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As with Zathura is Jumanji, each has a different location, with one exploring the galaxy and the other, the jungles. Due to the different locations, one can wonder if perhaps the two exist in the same world, with each game transporting players to different places within a shared universe.

7 Plots

Kids and astronauts looking into space

Each film series tries to create a new storyline or storyline unlike any other. However, many series blend together, with many examples of two films actually having nearly identical storylines.

With board game movies, the lack of differences in their plots almost helps the stories grow on their own. Both the games and the movies have a simple goal: to bring the players together and win the game. It’s an interesting idea that can allow both worlds to thrive together.

6 The players

The Jumanji gang in detention

Typically, the best games, especially those based on movies, are those played with more than one person. It’s not fun to play alone and both films understand that, with the rules of the game specifically requiring two or more players.

It’s a small connection for sure, but it speaks volumes. If you line up the rule that there are more players, then other rules line up as well, like the different cards and moves that somehow connect the two universes.

5 Creatures

Zathura Robot in action

Creatures, monsters and animals are building blocks in most worlds, be they horror creatures that are never fully explained or everyday animals. How the film uses them, however, is what defines them and in the world of board games, both games use different creatures equally.

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From lions, bugs, and monkeys (oh my) to some creepy sci-fi movie monsters that send chills along the audience’s thorns, the creatures of both games, while incredibly different, are used the same way: to terrify players and push them to their limits, on a personal level or simply to play with them.

4 How to win

Play the game

When a game starts, players usually have one goal: to win. Of course, with the likes of Jumanji is Zathura, the goal of winning is typically a matter of life or death for players and those trapped in the game.

Each game affirms the connection with one another by making sure that the ending is the same. To beat the game, players must play the game no matter how lethal it is, again raising the question of who designed the game.

3 Boredom

The kids look bored

By today’s standards, boredom is most often sated by texting a friend or going to YouTube. Of course, sometimes, there is another disease disorder known as boredom.

In every incarnation of both Zathura or Jumanji, every victim who falls prey to the board game suffers from boredom. Whether this is a game effect to attract players or just a coincidence, it’s strong enough to ensure a shared universe between the two.

2 Locked inside

Alan Parrish screaming

Now, no one wants to be stuck inside a board game, let alone be stuck in the jungles of hell or a distant galaxy. However, the reigns of Zathura is Jumanji they have this effect on more people, not just typical players.

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Whether it’s Dax Shepherd’s Astronaut, Nick Jonas’ Alex or Alan Parrish, one of Robin Willaim’s best film roles, these two games have sucked in a lot of players and didn’t let them go, leaving the audience to wonder if the players lost have ever crossed paths. paths in the vast universe.

1 Consequences of victory

Zathura the black hole

Usually, whenever someone wins a game, they scream and scream and raise their hands in excitement. However, every time someone wins Jumanji or Zathura, usually they have to hold out for a dear life and pray.

Whether it’s a black hole or a vortex that takes you back in time, both games have the ability to violently end the game. While it doesn’t seem like a great connection, the fact that both games have a similar ending raises some eyebrows over the heads of film theorists.

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