10 works of ‘Bright Wachirawit’, a very hot young man, able to act, can sing, is great!


We believe that many people will know.Bright from the chapter ‘Inspector’ come together very well because in addition to notifying the birth Until making Bright’s name being talked about around the world on social media, it is also considered a MASTERPIECE that makes Bright get into the hearts of many fans. The reason, besides being handsome, must be given to the charm of Bright’s acting. I’m sorry With a slight resemblance to Bright’s character, this role may not seem like a challenging or highly emotional role. But Bright has made many people fall in love and are ready to volunteer to become a fan from this chapter. Which is not easy to use the charm of the show to make the audience fall in love immediately. You have to admire the bright eyes that can convey the character in detail. When flirting, it’s still flirting, but the damage is severe. Bright is the person who adds dimension to the role of Inspector and makes the character look very charming. Confirmed with the Inspector Fever during the time the series aired. Back in 2020, we will see the word Inspector through Time. Line often, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or other channels. In fact, we feel that it is more than the word MASTERPIECE. It is the beginning of a prosperous era for Bright. may sound too much But it’s not exaggerated, hehe, because it’s not just the Thai fans. Inter fans have also been hit by Bright, quite a bit ^^

4. “Growing Up” Program 2020


Another work with another role of Bright in the show. ‘Growing up’ Channel GMM25 is a program that will take everyone to travel, travel, shop and eat like a grown-up teenager. By this event, Bright has taken the role of the MC and is the moderator of the program with 4 other friends in 4 styles. Enjoy eating food for all 5 youngsters and also gaining a little knowledge to decorate with >< Overall, Feel Good. Bright fans who haven't watched this program yet. Hurry up to collect because besides Will now enjoy Bright's lead role as he naturally gets along with his friends. We'll also be seeing a casual look with bright smiles and laughter too 😀

5. Because we’re still together Still 2gether 2021


The work continues the popularity of Brightwin with a special series. ‘Cause we’re still together Still 2gether In 2021, this time tells the love story between ‘Tyne’ and ‘Inspector’ growing up. Of course, the taste of growing up comes with a more intense story. There was an incident that caused them to learn. to adjust to understand each other better to the dramatic scenes that cause tears The series has only 5 episodes, but it’s 5 episodes full of every feeling. The actors in the story are still teamwork. Bright’s performance in this story clearly shows the development of the Inspector’s character. Come back, this time as a warmer and more gentle inspector.

6. Because we are together THE MOVIE 2021


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This time, the hit series has been told through a cinematic perspective. Because we are together THE MOVIE 2021 Call it another challenge for Bright and Win. Of course, from the series to the movies, there are differences. The film tells the story of Tyne’s relationship with the ‘Inspector’ who have been in love for 10 years, giving us a glimpse into the mature love between them. which, if talking about the performance of Bright in this film It made me believe that this was indeed a grown-up inspector.

7. Four Stars Love Heart (F4 Thailand) 2022

Let’s continue with the work that reinforces the popularity of Bright with F4 Thailand 2022A series in the memory of many people. that have been created in several versions and the latest being created in the Thai version with the name of the series ‘Four stars love heart’ It tells the story of ‘Kor Ya’, a girl who grew up in a non-wealthy family. which she passed the exam and was a scholarship student at a school There was an influential group in the school that consisted of Tham, Gwyn, Ren and MJ, or as the people in school called them F4, an incident that inevitably caused the grass to mess with the people of F4. Especially Tham, who is bored with her. causing her to have a difficult life in school But that brought about a turning point for the feel of the grass. And it’s an important turning point for Tham as well.

this matter Bright as Tham The son of a very handsome and rich businessman. But there is a clue that has been stuck in my heart since childhood. Make him a person with a spoiled habit. behavior to win similar to wanting attention which Bright’s performance is another version of Tam that is as memorable as other versions. There are many scenes that make it feel like Bright can express the details as the Character. The bad episodes are annoying. The good episodes are pretty cute, especially the scenes where Tham is embarrassed by the heroine but has to keep her style. It makes this version of the F4 protagonist look adorable, hehe.

8. Ost. reinforces the trend of popularity

Having said that, Bright’s heyday was not exaggerated. because in addition to having a series that has already aired Each story also has a series soundtrack that Bright sang himself. Plus, the hotness of each song is not as good as the series, such as kangu and OK, I thought to myself, right? series soundtrack because we are together (2gether) 2020, Hug Tee (ONE HUG) and Still Together (Sing along with Win Methwin) Soundtrack for the series because we are together THE MOVIE 2021, Nighttime and Who am I (Sing along with F4 members), soundtracks for the F4 Thailand series, etc. This does not include other songs that Bright sings and works with other artists as well. The show was almost unbearable. The music work continues to come uninterrupted. and each song is because Especially the Kangu song that is loud, fun to listen to and has catchy parts that are easy to remember. Now whenever I hear this song, I can sing along with the whole song, hehe.

9. T-POP STAGE, another guaranteed talent

from the soundtrack of the series Or various songs, both solo and with Feat. Other artists Which has been released continuously on YouTube, allowing many people to see the other side of Bright already. Another thing that I want everyone to see is showing on the T-POP STAGE stage. This is another work that guarantees Bright’s artistry very well. whether singing conveying emotions with music playing with camera It made all the performances on stage great. This is confirmed by visual and sound.

10. Star Counting Night (Astrophile) 2022


Arrived at the latest work with the performance in the series “Counting Night”Star (Astrophile) on the GMMTV channel, in which this story, Bright, coupled with the hottest senior heroine, Mai Davika Horne, after being close to emergency love At that time, Bright acted as a hero when he was a teenager. Come to this story, Bright is now the hero of Dawi! The series will tell the story of Kim Hant, a nerdy guy who secretly loves the beautiful older sister ‘Count Dao’, who is his code grandmother. This feeling was always kept in my heart. Until one day, Kimhant came to meet Nub Dao again. So he started plotting an approach without her recognizing him.

Bright as Kim Han Let’s see both a cute, nerdy look with a ponytail. and Luke is handsome and harrowing. I feel that Bright has improved a lot for this performance. Personally, I feel very n Dubai when I was a student with bangs. Play it cute and adorable. We believe that Bright fans will love it too, right? The chemistry of the Queen’s scene is perfect. I looked at it and didn’t rub my eyes at all. But more embarrassed than 555, and another thing that must be appreciated is the difference in the one person who is the development of the character from the past and the present. We feel that Bright is able to convey here just the right way. Great!

watch the nightStar (Astrophile) Back at TrueID

How is everyone? Look at 10 of Bright’s works. Acting is fine. Singing is great. This does not include presenters, music videos, or other series that are not mentioned in the article. Really smart and diligent, I think Bright fans would be proud. Let’s say who has missed out on any work. Or if you haven’t opened your mind to try it, you can try it and see if you like it ^^

Bright’s past performance has been a lot. Some say it’s a rhythm the right moment Plus the opportunities that come in, probably yes, but one thing that is clear and true is that Bright is always improving. Until one day, the opportunity made many people to see him more. And if not for the ability If it’s just being handsome People wouldn’t have given him this much light.

If any information is wrong I’m sorry

Na Rak.

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