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100 days after the release of the Three Kingdoms Spirit, a collaboration video released

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▲ Three Kingdoms Soul X It’s Good (Photo provided by Yuju Games Korea)

Yuju Games Korea announced on the 20th that it is collaborating with ‘Good Good, Good Good, Good Small Company’ to commemorate the 100th day of domestic release of its mobile game ‘Three Kingdoms Spirit’.

Three Kingdoms Jihon is a mobile RPG based on the novel ‘The Three Kingdoms Jiyeon’, and officially launched its service on April 13th. Through this collaboration, we released a video detailing how to play, such as the longevity combination that leads to victory in the game, abundant benefits, and alliance siege by grafting ‘Three Kingdoms Spirit’ to the worldview of ‘It’s Good’.

▲ Three Kingdoms Soul X Good Good Collaboration video (Video source: Yuju Games Korea official YouTube channel)

‘It’s Good’ is a web drama about a beginner getting a job and adapting to a small and medium-sized business.

Various events are held to commemorate this collaboration. First, Yuju Games Korea will release a common coupon number that includes in-game items such as high-end lottery tickets and gold coins through the ‘It’s Good’ collaboration video. In addition, Domino’s Pizza Gift Card and Google Gift Card are presented through lottery to users who watch the video and use coupons to authenticate to the official cafe.

Meanwhile, on the 13th, Three Kingdoms Spirit updated the ranking game that high-level gamers over level 50 can enjoy, and until August 7th, they won 5 times in a row and authenticated to the official cafe using Lego figures and Google gift cards. provides


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