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The popular game “Apex Legends” (developed by Respawn Entertainment) with a cumulative total of over 100 million players. The mobile version was delivered on May 18th, and has become a hot topic such as entering the trend on SNS.

A battle shooting game “Apex Legends” that aims to survive by forming a team of 3 people online and using the weapons prepared on the stage. Among the entertainers, Ryosuke Yamada (Hey! Say! JUMP) and Hidetaka Kano are playing, and VTuber Shibuya HAL, which mainly distributes the game, has more than 760,000 subscribers. ..

Although it is well known due to the influence of video distribution, so far, only home video game consoles such as “PlayStation (4/5)”, “Nintendo Switch”, and “Xbox (Series X / S, One)” and personal computers are supported. The same game that was the platform. This mobile version will also be playable on iOS and Android.

Based on the conventional rules, there are also additional elements for the third person perspective and new legends.

On the release date, it entered the trend on Twitter as soon as possible. In addition to the conventional FPS (first person viewpoint), it is possible to switch to the third person viewpoint mode, and the specifications are different from the conventional ones. In addition, there was a voice saying, “I hope you will be interested in CS (home video game consoles) and PC versions from mobile,” with the impression that the threshold so far seems to be high.

“Apex Legends Mobile” is being distributed for iOS and Android. Basic play is free.

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