“100 million won per child”… China re-examines the status of surrogate birth

Substitute childbirth is rampant even in’Jung Shuang scandal’
“Pay 1.5 times your son” to the price tag
Serious human rights violations of surrogate mothers for various additional expenses
Medical treatment and childbirth are blinking, fake birth certificates
Even on illegal riversides, court battles are held frequently

Actress Jung Shuang (left), the protagonist of the surrogate birth scandal, and the Chinese Communist Youth Corps posted on the WeChat account, saying, “Proxy birth is illegal, let’s resolutely reject it.”[사진=정솽 웨이보·공청단 위챗 계정 ]

As the surrogate birth scandal of China’s top actresses aroused resentment, the reality of surrogate pregnancy in China is also being re-examined.


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It is officially illegal, but it is known that a surrogate pregnancy is possible by paying about 650,000 yuan (about 110 million won).

In fact, legal battles between the customer who paid the surrogate pregnancy cost and the brokerage company are also occurring.

◆Gender control possible, son is more expensive

According to the Pengpai newspaper on the 20th, the Chinese Communist Party also launched an unusually intense criticism over the suspicion of actress Jung Shuang’s surrogate birth.

It is reported that Jung Shuang and TV producer Zhang Heng (張恒), who were a couple, went to the U.S. in 2019 to try to give birth to a surrogate and returned to China alone after encouraging an abortion when the relationship worsened. The two surrogate mothers have already given birth to two children.

As such facts are revealed by Zhang Heng’s exposure, the political law committee under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese Communist Youth Corps, as well as the state-run media, China Central Broadcasting (CCTV), are pouring out criticism.

Since 2001, China has banned all forms of surrogate birth by law. But the reality is different.

On this day, the Southern City Office accused the situation of illegal surrogate childbirth in China.

A Shanghai-based maternity brokerage, covered by Southern City News, suggested a price tag, saying, “If you don’t care about gender, it is 650,000 yuan, and if you want a son, 900,000 yuan (about 153 million won).”

Surrogate childbirth can be attempted in a variety of ways, such as using sperm and eggs from a customer’s couple, or using someone else’s eggs and sperm obtained through various routes.

In China, the sale of eggs to highly educated women is also carried out, and it is sometimes traded for 80,000 yuan.

A company official introduced, “Every year 80 to 90 people try, and the success rate is about 70%,” and another company said, “More than 100 people’produce’ a year.”

The cost paid by the customer is shared between the surrogate mother and the company, which is roughly two to one. However, only 10,000 yuan if pregnancy fails, 20,000 yuan for miscarriage within 2-3 months after pregnancy, and 50,000 yuan for miscarriage during 5-7 months are paid as consolation money to the surrogate mother.

The company demanded various additional costs depending on the child’s condition. If you are twins, you have to pay 80,000 yuan more, and if your weight at birth exceeds 3.4 kg, you will be charged an additional cost of 3,000 won per 50 grams.

However, if the fetus is confirmed to be malformed, the company will proceed with an abortion.

Surrogate mothers must live in a separate living space under 24-hour surveillance. An official from a brokerage company also boasted that “the level of surveillance is high enough to shoot all the medicines you take at each meal.”

◆Don’t ask, from procedure to court workshop

Intermediaries do not disclose any information about the obstetricians who give birth. On the surface, it is advertised as having the highest level of medical technology, but there is no way to confirm.

A surrogate mother pretends to be a customer to receive treatment, and even provides a birth certificate in which the customer is a parent.

Attorney Zhou Zhaoqing, who watched the scandal, told the Southern City News, “Although surrogate birth is illegal in China, the Civil Code (enforced from this year) protects the legal rights and interests of children born by surrogate birth.” “If you are under the age of 2, your mother should be responsible for raising them.”

Unlike the Chinese government’s claim that there is no surrogate birth, there is a blind spot.

In fact, court battles over surrogate childbirth are also held from time to time.

In June 2017, a man living in Guangdong Province, Mr. In, paid 500,000 yuan to a brokerage and tried to give birth by proxy, but the child died 57 days after birth.

In response, Mr. In filed a lawsuit claiming that the company was responsible for the death of infants, and the court ruled that both sides should be held responsible for 50%.

Last year, a lawsuit related to surrogate childbirth took place at the Nansha Free Trade Zone Court of Guangzhou City. Chen Mo, a single woman, signed a contract with a brokerage company to obtain a surrogate mother in Thailand to give birth.

However, the test tube procedure against the surrogate mother failed, and Chun requested a full refund, but the company did not accept it, and a court battle took place.

The court ruled that “proxy childbirth violates both Chinese laws and public order and morals,” and that “the contract is invalid as both parties are responsible, and the company should compensate 160,000 yuan.”

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