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“100% Severe Prevention” CEO AstraZeneca, confident of success in corona vaccine

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CEO Sorio emphasized “100% prevention of severe Corona 19 symptoms”
Immunity effects vary depending on the dose of vaccine, but meets global regulatory standards

The CEO of AstraZeneca, a multinational pharmaceutical company, showed confidence in the success of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine developed together with Oxford University.

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According to The Times’ Sunday Times report on the 27th (local time), Pascal Sorio AstraZeneca, CEO of AstraZeneca, said, “I think we’ve figured out a formula for success that can benefit from two doses of the vaccine.” In addition, he stressed that “100% can be prevented” for the symptoms of Corona 19, which are severe enough to require hospitalization.

However, he added, “We can’t say in detail because we will release a vaccine at some point,” he added. He did not say detailed administration methods or dosages.

As a result of the interim analysis of the phase 3 clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine jointly developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University, the immune effect was different depending on the dosage. When the full dose of the vaccine was administered twice, the prevention rate was 62.1%, but when the first half dose and the second full dose were administered, the prevention rate increased significantly to 90.0%. The average prevention rate is 70.4%. The immune effect is lower than the vaccine developed by the US pharmaceutical company Modena (94.5%) or the Pfizer and German Bioentech vaccine (95%).

CEO Sorio said, “I was surprised to find out that the immune effects were different depending on the dose of the vaccine,” he said. “I knew for sure that people could be somewhat disappointed.” He added, “Of course, it would be better if the result was simpler, but we evaluated it positively because it met the standards set by regulatory authorities around the world,” he added. “I didn’t expect a storm to strike.”

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At the time of the announcement of the interim clinical results of AstraZeneca and Oxford University last month, there was controversy over the fact that the difference in efficacy depending on the dose of the vaccine, and AstraZeneca’s share price dropped by about 3.8%.

Meanwhile, the UK government will pre-order 100 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine and receive 40 million doses by March next year. AstraZeneca is reported to start vaccination on the 4th of the following month after obtaining approval from the Medicines and Health Management Product Regulatory Authority (MHRA) as early as the 27th.

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