100′, tight entertainment that makes you clench your fists for the first time in a while

In order to find the best ‘body’ with the strongest physique, the extreme survival game entertainment ‘Physical: 100’, where 100 people who are proud to be the strongest physically, releases episodes 1 -2 via Netflix today.
From the opening, the stage was set with 100 fantastic torsos that would make even David cry, and 100 participants were filled with so many prominent figures that no one could briefly introduce them to the degrees that each participant would pass briefly.

Not only men, but also women showed their muscular muscles, and from high school students to Choo Seong-hun, who is about to turn 50, and from Koreans to foreigners, people of different ages and countries gathered in one place.

The decision of the performers to prove their physical abilities, such as health coaches, national athletes in various events, firefighters, mountain rescuers, dancers, models, and YouTubers, was great, and all the performers spoke about their physicality in unison on stage to prove that it boasts on a real and large scale like the ‘Squid Game’.

iMBC Entertainment News PhotoiMBC Entertainment News PhotoiMBC Entertainment News PhotoiMBC Entertainment News Photo
Meanwhile, I’ve seen ‘great people’ in programs like ‘Steel Troop’ on mudflats and sandy beaches, but the fights of those shown through ‘Physical: 100’ make my hands sweat so much that I can’t skip nothing. It allowed me to immerse myself in it by twisting my whole body.

In episodes 1 and 2 of ‘Physical: 100’, where a prize of 300 million is given to one person who wins a total of 5 games, there was a long wait to get advantageous benefits in the first game, and the game first. This equated to a 1:1 death This will cover 50% of the survivors.

It is even surprising to see people of different weight classes and occupations desperately fighting for survival with their own deadly strategies.

I thought there was nothing to see these days, but it seems that an exciting variety show that gave me a dramatic impression and a lingering feeling has been released on time for the first time in a while. A new episode of ‘Physical: 100’, a total of 9 episodes, is released every Tuesday at 5pm.

Kim Kyung-hee / Photo courtesy of Netflix

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