100ml liquid found at Incheon Airport… Chinese women riot when asked to open

A Chinese woman scratches the wounds of Incheon Airport search agents./Incheon International Airport Security Labor Union

A Chinese passenger who protested in the Incheon International Airport transfer hall against baggage screening by an airport security agent was handed over to prosecution. Incheon International Airport Police said on the 12th that they had sent a Chinese woman in her 70s without detention on charges of violating the Aviation Security Act. Mr A is suspected of scratching and injuring search agents who were looking for his luggage in the transfer hall on the west side of Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport at around 5:30am on the 6th.

At the time, Mr. And due to leave Hong Kong and transfer to a plane to Detroit, USA at Incheon International Airport. However, when airport search agents found more than 100ml of liquid at the X-ray screening counter, they asked Mr A to open the box. Mr A then protested against this, screaming and lying on the opening table, scratching and wounding the search agents who were stopping him. The liquids in question were identified as shampoo and toothpaste Mr.

Even after the airport police strike team arrived at the scene, Mr. A calmed down and shouted, and eventually the police arrested Mr A as a red-handed criminal around 6:40am. Two security guards were treated in hospital with minor scrapes.

However, the police considered that Mr. And serious enough to arrest him, and release him immediately. A police officer said, “If he had used a weapon or been violent, he would have been arrested, but it wasn’t that much.”

Passengers wait for baggage screening at the transfer security checkpoint at Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport. /news1

A person in charge of Incheon International Airport Security, a subsidiary of Incheon International Airport Corporation, which employs Incheon Airport search agents, said, “We have provided support for medical expenses for injured workers, to allow 3 days of public leave for mental damage, and will also support a psychological evaluation program.” revealed

The security officials urged an active response from the police and the government. “Article 50 of the Aviation Security Act states that a person who interferes with the work of a security screening agent or takes part in an attack is punished by imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of up to 50 million win it,” said Gong Min-cheon, chairman of the integrated union for Incheon International Airport Security Since the opening of Incheon International Airport in 2008, there has not been a single case of prosecution under the Aviation Security Law,” he said.