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10m Buddy Putt Kim Dong-min, KPGA Tour Gunsan CC Open 2R alone leader

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Park Chan-ho was eliminated from the cut to the bottom of the 29-over par for two days

Kim Dongmin

[KPGA 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Gunsan = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Dong-chan = Kim Dong-min (23), a former national team leader, took the lead in the second round of the Gunsan CC Open (total prize money of 500 million won) of the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour.

In the second round of the second round of the tournament held at Gunsan Country Club (par 71, 7,124 yards) in Gunsan, Jeonbuk on the 30th, Kim Dong-min tied 4 birdies and 1 double bogie and hit a 2-under par 69.

Kim Dong-min, who scored 134 strokes at an 8-under par in the middle, starts the third round with a single lead ahead of two-placed Yang Ji-ho (32) and Lee Dae-han (31) by three strokes.

Kim Dong-min, who has been the national team since 2017 and won a bronze medal in the Asian Games in Jakarta Palembang in 2018, is a player who has been playing in the Korean Tour since last year after going through the second part tour in 2019.

Last August, a tie for fourth place in the KPGA Championships was the best, he said, “This is the first time I’ve been leading (in a regular tour),” and said, “I will prepare for the 3rd and 4th rounds so that I don’t get nervous to some extent,”

Kim Dong-min recorded a double bogey because the ball hit in the 3rd hole (par 4) rough was too long, but immediately put a 10m birdie putt on the 4th hole (par 4) and continued a good flow.

He vowed, “I still have two days left, but I will try hard tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to keep my position as much as possible as I am in the lead.”

On this day, Yang Ji-ho, who reduced 4 strokes a day, and Lee Dae-han, who hit 2 under par 69, took a tie for second place with 5 under par 137 strokes.

Park Chan-ho's second round match.
Park Chan-ho’s second round match.

[KPGA 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

Park Chan-ho (48), who appeared as a recommended player in this tournament, lost 17 more shots on the day following a 12 over par the previous day, and was eliminated from the cut to the bottom of the 29-over par with 171 shots and 153 players.

Park Chan-ho caught 2 birdies this day, but recorded 1 bogie, 4 double bogies, and 2 quintuple bogies losing 5 strokes in one hole.

Park Chan-ho announced that he would donate 30 million won to KPGA under the name of three people with Kim Seong-seong (41) and Park Jae-bum (39), who played together for two days after finishing the second round.

Last year’s winner Kim Joo-hyung (19) climbed a tie for 13th with 1 under par 141, and this year’s opening match champion Moon Do-yeop (30) advanced to the 3rd round with a tie of 32nd with 1 over par 143.

Kim Tae-hoon (36), who swept first place in the KPGA Korean Tour prize money and grand prize points last year, lost 12 strokes a day and was eliminated with an 11 over par 153 strokes.

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