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A “planning leaflet” containing special benefits exclusive to Urawa Reds and a match ticket.
It will be held on November 5th (Saturday) vs Avispa Fukuoka[PARTNER MATCH Mitsubishi Motors]!

Ticket sales will start from September 24th (Saturday) at 10:00 AM for REX TICKET LOYALTY (season ticket holders) and REGULAR (paying members). (Sunday) from 10:00.
Each sheet will be sold in limited quantity, and it will end as soon as the planned number of sales has ended, so if you want to buy it, buy it as soon as possible.

mega towel muffler sheet

An essential item for watching stadium games, towel muffler.
Even two people can hang it off their shoulders!?A mega towel scarf big enough to appear on the planning sheet!
When watching games in cold November, you can wear this mega towel scarf over your shoulders or on your knees, and it will also help protect you from the cold!
After the game, hold up this mega towel muffler and sing a triumphant song of victory…

◆ Benefits

1 mega towel muffler
*The design and details will be published as soon as they are decided.

◆ Sales period

Various pre-sales until 23:59 on the day before the game (November 4th)

◆ Fee

Top reserved main seat
・ LIFETIME/Regular membership fee Adults 7,000 yen High school, junior and senior high school students 4,250 yen
・ WHITE member / general fee Adults 7,100 yen High school, junior and senior high school students 7,350 yen

◆ Location/time/privilege distribution notes

Special booth in the upper main hall
From kick-off to kick-off, half-time from start to finish
*There will be no leaflets during or after the game.

◆ Method of delivery of benefits

Present the prize ticket issued with the ticket at the delivery location.

restaurant seat

“View Restaurant” in the back row of Saitama Stadium.
For the first time, there is a plan flyer where you can eat in the view restaurant and watch the game from the reserved SB seat in front of you!
View Restaurant (South) offers free buffet meals and drinks!
Spend a special time in a special place during the final league game of the 2022 season!

※ The image is an image. It may differ from the actual.

◆ Benefits

Right to use View Restaurant (South)
*Free buffet-style meals and drinks will be provided.
*Alcohol and soft drinks are available for free drinks, so children can use them.

◆ Sales period

Various pre-sales until 23:59 on the day before the game (November 4th)

◆ Fee

Reserved seat SB (south side) *This area is close to the entrance of the restaurant.
・Regular Loyalty/membership fee Adults 10,000 yen Elementary, middle and high school students 5,000 yen
・ WHITE member/general fee Adults 11,000 yen Elementary, middle and high school students 6,000 yen

◆ Restaurant hours and notes

From opening to kickoff
* Allow enough time to use it as it cannot be used during or after the game.
*Restaurant seating is on a first come, first served basis.
*Restaurant entry tickets are valid on match days only.

◆ How to enter the restaurant

Present the restaurant entry ticket issued with the ticket at the entrance.
*Go up the stairs next to the back row gate 217 and come to the entrance.

≪How to buy a planning sheet≫

・ REX TICKET https://bit.ly/3LCHR7J
・ J League Ticket https://www.jleague-ticket.jp/club/ur/
・ Pia Ticket http://pia.jp/t/reds/

≪ What is a planning sheet? ≫

This is a fun flyer with a limited number of designs that change for each match, born in the 2019 season with the desire to make watching football matches more enjoyable and to support Urawa Reds even more passionately.
“Ticket + limited gourmet”
“Ticket + limited merchandise”
“Ticket + special experience”
And so on, fun unique to “Planning Sheet” will appear one after another.
We look forward to the future development of the “planning sheet” which we met again for the first time in two terms.

◆ Click here for details of the planning sheet


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