’11-year-old couple’ Lee Soo-min ♥ Sunwoo-sun, Happy Christmas[★SNS]

[스포츠서울|조현정기자]Martial arts director Lee Soo-min and actor Sun Woo-seon and their husband and wife had a happy Christmas.

On the 26th, Lee Soo-min posted a photo along with the words “4th Clma” on his Instagram.

In the published photo, Lee Soo-min and Seon Woo-sun are seen posing affectionately in front of a Christmas cake. The appearance of the two people with bright expressions in a warm atmosphere warms the viewer.

In particular, Seon Woo-sun’s young beauty, who is 47 years old this year in Korean age, also catches the eye of the viewer. I usually show short hair, but long hair goes well with it.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo-min and Seon Woo-sun, an 11-year-old older woman, a younger couple, met at an action school for the filming of the movie ‘Today Wei Wei’ and formed a relationship. After dating for about a year, they got married in July 2019 and became a hot topic. One time last year, rumors of a discord broke out.

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photo| Lee Soo-min’s Instagram


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