110km/a strong wind in Busan … evacuation of 400 people

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In Busan, strong winds of over 110 km/h blew overnight.

Busan is the most dangerous between now and 10 am, so I’ll link you to the site.

Reporter Song Kwang-mo, is the wind blowing a lot right now?

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Yes, I’m in front of Mipo in Haeundae right now.

A very strong wind that makes it difficult to walk blows in from time to time.

The rain and wind have been getting stronger since the typhoon warning was issued last night, and now you can’t even see well.

Strong winds above straight wind speed, 31 m/s, and 110 mph, can be seen everywhere along the coast, including Mipo, where a skyscraper is located in front of you.

Winds blowing inland are also more than 70 km/h.

With 60mm of rain so far in Busan, evacuation orders and recommendations have been issued to 469 people, including residents of low-lying areas along the coast, who are concerned about flooding.

There were also reports of damage from rain and wind overnight.

At around 8:10 last night, part of the outer wall of a house in Seo-dong, Geumjeong-gu was blown away by strong wind, and (31) there were reports of damage, such as a metal sign or broken. glass windows.

Typhoon Nanmadol is expected to approach Busan closer to 10 am.

Although it is 200 km away from the center of the typhoon, it still maintains a strong ‘river’, so you need to be very careful not to be damaged by strong winds on your way to work.

About 1,500 childcare centers in Busan are closed today, and elementary, middle and high school classes are also being held remotely.

Traffic was restricted in 70 places, including Nakdong River Ecological Park, Oncheoncheon underpass, and a coastal parking lot.

However, during peak hours, the number of trains will increase by 20 times.

This is Song Kwang-mo from MBC News from Mipo, Haeundae, Busan.

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