113 houses crying Lost money to buy a million, the house collapsed, many problems, 4 years, refused to fix them

Noisy, luxury houses, sold and floated, collapsed walls, collapsed houses, requiring repairs for more than 4 years. But the project owner ignored it. call the sheriff for help

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September 20, 65, Miss Kruwan, 48 years old, together with the owners of more than a hundred houses. In one of the housing estates, Pluak Daeng Sub-District, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, gathered around In front of the entrance to the village, hold up a sign with the heart to take care and take responsibility In case of damage to the house of non-standard construction

Ms Sao said that there is an assembly today to claim Let the company, which is the owner of the village project, come out and take responsibility. Taking care of the responsibility for repairing the damage That happened to all 113 houses that were damaged. The wall collapsed to the point of collapsing, cracking the house and leaking even though I had just bought it recently. there is a problem of Complaining about the project for more than 4 years to come and repair it, but in the end, there is no responsibility to repair only 4 houses out of over a hundred houses that have been damaged. and then Gwynodd disappeared The villagers complained, but there was no response. These days, I have been in trouble because I don’t know which day the house will collapse.

Ms Sao, when sold, continued to claim her benefits with a beautiful profile. But after buying back to leave The house was damaged and never taken care of. There were only four lights on the streets of the village, and the walls collapsed until the whole area was destroyed. Leakage problems happen almost everywhere. The common areas were not renovated. There is no security issue. never come to care We bought a house for two million baht. But when coming in for a short time, a problem arises. The project owner is not responsible. was informed many times but no help until there is no way out so he came together to demand to ask for justice

Later, there was a walk Hold a sign on the main road of the village and shout for the owner of that project “Wherever you are, let us be responsible.” travel to bring a letter of complaint About forcing the company to comply with the following claims 1. Lighting in various places to be appropriate 2. Security services for residents.

3. Renovate to be in accordance with the engineering principles of the houses 4. Improve the village fence walls which are damaged by the project’s non-standard work. and 5. Improving the vision of the central area which should be maintained and preserved By submitting a complaint to Mr. Sathaporn Samut Noi, District Clerk of Pluak Daeng Rayong.

Mr Sathaporn, Deputy of Pluak Daeng District, said he would bring the film to report to the Chief Executive of Pluak Daeng District. to carry out the procedures of the law Initially, we will coordinate with the project owner to inspect the damage. to find a solution together again

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