[12월 5일] Game industry hot clips, including Fortnite, Episode 4 Season 1 start


# New releases and updates

Epic Games – Fortnite ends Chapter 3 and begins Chapter 4 – an all-new Season 1. In Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4, 5 new areas have been added, including ‘Shattered Slabs’, where you can get ‘Kinetic Ore’ with magical effects, and you can increase your power with the new ‘Augmentation Reality’ presented it.

Crafton – PUBG will be officially released on the global online game platform ‘Epic Games Store’. From the 8th, you can play PUBG through the Epic Games Store, and cross-play with the Steam platform is also possible.

# Other news

Com2uS – A club tournament will be held to determine the strongest club in Com2uS Pro Baseball 2022. The Club Tournament, in its fourth season this year, is an online competition designed to enjoy the fun of competition between clubs using Compya’s collaborative content 2022, ‘Club Match’.

Nexon – From December 10th to January 29th, the Nexon game art exhibition ‘Nextage’ will be held at the exhibition hall of the 7th Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center. ‘Nextage’ is designed to promote game art and spread cultural values ​​not only to game users but also to the general public by showcasing various artworks such as characters, backgrounds, and animations created based on the game IP. company as independent works.

In the mobile game ‘Kart Rider Rush Plus’ official e-sports league ‘2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KRPL Season 2’ final round, ‘SGA Incheon’ won the team competition and ‘JJONG (Han Jong-moon)’ won the individual championship, in that order. Nexon awarded 80 million won and 40 million in prize money to the league champion and runner-up, respectively, and awarded 12 million won in prize money to JJONG, the winner of the individual competition.

CFRP – The rhythm game ‘Six Star Gate: Start Rail’, which is in early access service on Steam, achieved 100% funding for a project with the virtual YouTuber crew ‘Pocotone’ in one day. This ‘Six Star Gate X Pocotone New Song Collaboration Project’ was held with Pocotone to add a new song in ‘Six Star Gate: Start Rail’, and was held by Pocotone on November 30th in the fandom business platform ‘Panding’ opened

Crafton – Announcing the results of the ‘PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022’ league, PUBG Mobile’s premier international esports competition. PMGC 2022 is the highest level international competition where a total of 48 teams, who have progressed through fierce national and regional competitions over the past year, compete among a number of mobile battlefield teams around the world.

Netmarble – PC game ‘Hype Squad’ will undergo an Asia-focused battle test. The Asia focus test will be held in Asian regions such as Korea and Japan until the 13th. Users can download and apply to participate in the ‘Hype Squad’ Asian Focus Test from the official Steam page until the end of the test.

Nvidia – The latest Game Ready Driver has been released which supports Marvel Midnight Sons and Need for Speed ​​​​​​Unbound. The new driver supports more DLSS games just in time for the holidays. Need for Speed ​​​​​​Unbound will be released with the DLSS 3 upgrade, and on December 2, Marvel Midnight Sons will also be released with support for Nvidia DLSS 2 and advanced ray tracing features.

We did – Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Cross Angle, a company specializing in virtual asset information platforms, to build a Wemix distribution monitoring system. According to this Memorandum of Understanding, the two companies agreed to cooperate in three areas: real-time distribution monitoring service, excess distribution alarm, and quarterly audit report on chain.


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