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Watch OPPO for free

From 20:00 on 12/4, the smart watch “OPPO Watch Free” with a 1.64-inch display will be sold at a discounted price in the official OPPO Rakuten market store. The sale period is until 12/11. It is very cheap as a smart watch made by a global manufacturer.

Watch OPPO for freeWatch OPPO for free

Watch OPPO for free. Two colors: vanilla and black

If you use various campaigns of “Rakuten Super SALE” that start at the same time, you can earn more points than usual by meeting the conditions. For the actual price including point discount, it’s a great deal. Some people may use coupons to get even better deals.

Examples of points you can earn

price 4990 yen
Usually 1 time 45
+2 times with Rakuten card 90
+2 times on days with 0 and 5 90
shopping (max) 405
total points 675
real price 4315 yen

*The points earned may differ. Check the product page for the points you can get

The campaign period is until 1:59 on December 11th. Before purchasing, please follow the entry procedure from the link below.

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