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It was announced on the 19th that giant Hisashi Iwakuma (39) will retire from active duty only this season.

Joined Kintetsu in 1999 in 5th place in the draft. He transferred to Rakuten in 2005 and has won a total of 63 wins in the Mariners of the Major Leagues since 2012. He joined the Giants in 19 and returned to the Japanese baseball world for the first time in eight years, but due to his right shoulder pain, he did not pitch for one army for two years. In 2009, he contributed to the number one in the world at the World Baseball Classic (WBC), marking 170 wins in Japan and the United States. The right arm representing Heisei says goodbye to his 21 years of active life.

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Iwakuma, who is aiming for a revival in his rehabilitation life, says goodbye to the mound only this season. Received an offer from coach Hara who was the commander at the 2nd WBC in 2009, which achieved the best in the world, and joined the giant in 19 years. He returned to the Japanese baseball world for the first time in eight years, but the condition of his right shoulder, which had undergone surgery in September 2017, changed daily, and he had not pitched for one army for two years.

Aiming for the mound of the 1st army, I sweated without giving up. Farm practice at Tokyo Dome earlier this month. A menu for hitting the seat was set up, and it went up to the mound against young batters. The wish did not reach, and I felt a sense of discomfort in my right shoulder while pitching, but I continued to fight my body even in distress.

The beginning of my professional life was Kintetsu. In 2004, he achieved 12 consecutive victories from the opening pitcher of the professional baseball record at that time. 16 years later, this year, teammate Sugano achieved a new record of 13 consecutive victories, but in the midst of the reorganization of the ball world, Iwakuma’s appearance of a good throw was lit by hope and was strongly engraved in the memory of baseball fans. ..

The transfer drama that sticks to “man’s spirit” is also handed down. In 2004, he transferred to Rakuten, a new team, after suffering. He supported the team as the first ace, such as winning a complete game in the first game of the team. In 2008, he won the most wins with 21 wins, the best ERA, the highest win rate, and the Sawamura Award. Although the team was in 5th place, it was selected as the league MVP in the lowest ranking after Ochiai (Lotte) Kadota (Nankai). Together with Tanaka (Yankees), he spread the name of Rakuten, which was weak at the time of its founding, throughout the country.

Armed with the ball control power that surprised the world in the WBC final, he has been active in the US Major League Baseball since 2012. 63 wins in the Mariners 7 years. In 2015, he achieved 170 wins in Japan and the United States, including achieving the second no-hitter no-run for the Japanese since Nomo. Kintetsu’s enrolled players, who have only Yakult Sakaguchi and Kondo in their active roles, ran through 21 years of active life. A press conference will be held on the 23rd. In his own words, he talks about his thoughts on retirement.

◆ Hisashi Iwakuma Born in Tokyo on April 12, 1981 (Showa 56). Joined Kintetsu in 1999 from Horikoshi in 5th place in the draft. 2004 Most wins, highest win rate, best nine. Immediately after transferring to Orix in a distribution draft in the same year, he transferred to Rakuten in a monetary trade. In 2008, he won 21 wins and won the MVP and Sawamura Awards in addition to the triple crown of pitchers. Aiming to transfer to the major leagues with a bidding system 10 years off, but remains due to negotiations breaking down. Transferred to Mariners in FA in 11 years off. No hits and no points in 2015. In 2018, he was a major player and had no chance to pitch, so he transferred to a giant off the same year. This season’s estimated annual salary is 20 million yen. 190 cm, 95 kg. Right-handed right-handed.

◆ Kintetsu experienced player Iwakuma joined Kintetsu in 1999 in 5th place in the draft. There are only two other active players who have experience of being enrolled in Kintetsu, which disappeared only in 2004, pitcher Kazuki Kondo and outfielder Tomotaka Sakaguchi (both Yakult).



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