12-kit ranking of 32 of the most impressive nations at the 2022 World Cup.

One of the highlights that many people watch at the World Cup every year is the exceptional beauty of the kits from the teams that have reached the finals. In this article, we’ve listed the 12 most beautiful outfits at this year’s World Cup. This will be a personal opinion only. Who has any following teams to watch…

This year, they use Nike branded racing kits, which still focus on intense colours. Play with contrasting patterns that are quite perfect, whether it’s an orange-black home kit or a blue-orange away kit, it looks simple but fierce.

Another team that uses Nike kits, the away kit is white with a maroon brand logo and gold print on the shirt. Make it look elegant but stylish. while the home shirt is red with white stripes on the arms. And using the design that many clubs are popular today is to put the logo and team crest in the middle, it looks strange.

Still in the Nike brand, this time a roaring lion team, they still use the same color, that is, the home kit, focusing on the white floor, but this year, it seems that there is a pattern turquoise play added. While the away kit is red with black trim and a retro style collar, it looks quite classy.

Called back to the simple kit again, this year their home kit will be all blue with no red mix at all and use the team’s gold logo and crest for a bright look. The red color will go to the socks instead. Although the away package is white with a light blue pattern, it looks simple, but it is hidden with fascinating details.

Uncle Sam’s army is another team that uses a Nike home kit, which is white and uses bright blue-red stripes. The away kit is blue with black stripes. Both designs feature the team crest on the center of the chest, with the brand logo located on the sleeve.

No matter how many years it is, it still has the same vibe. This year, the pattern has been modified to look more simple. The home kit is used to cut red and green in the length of the body down to the pants. While the away kit focuses on the white floor, it still has a distinctive red-green chest stripe.

Let’s look at the adidas brand. Of course, the home kit also emphasizes the classic blue and white pattern with black trim, similar to the kit that won the second championship in 2014. The away kit looks strange because this year, it comes in a purple theme with a fire pattern on the edge of the tiger. Both models have an adidas logo without lettering.

Continuing with the adidas camp, which is another representative of the land of the rising sun The home kit is still blue with blue stripes. The away kit is quite interesting, although it’s plain white with black trim, but the sleeves and socks have a magenta tint which makes it look even cooler.

Returning to the Nike brand with a checkered team, the home kit is still white with traditional red accents. But this year, it is placed around the perimeter of the shirt, leaving the center for a number. Along with the team logo and crest gathered in the middle. While the away kit uses a reflective blue stripe and the logo and badge are moved to the sides as is.

Over the years, Belgium has focused on simple red and black. But it seems that there will be more pattern play this year, especially the fire pattern on the sleeves which is very impressive. While the away kit looks simple with a white background. But the ruffled stripes on the arms, including the adidas badge, have a gradation of colors that add interest to simplicity too.

Apart from excellent performance, one thing that the Iron Eagle Army has always maintained is the impressive kit almost every year. This year, the home shirt comes in black and white with a dimensional pattern on the shirt, along with the club logo and gold trim. As for the away kit, it plays perfectly in red and black with the use of gold contrasting perfectly.

It reached number one that many media agreed to be the most beautiful and unusual outfit this year. Mexico’s home kit is still green with a dark pattern with a red stripe. But the most interesting thing is the away dress which has a pastel egg colored background. Contrasting red of the team crest logo and adidas’ signature 3-stripe pattern. Along with the light red shirt pattern in an ancient civilization style, when worn with green pants and red socks, it looks perfect. I can’t say that.

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