12 new confirmed cases in Ulsan… Omicron inspection planned for 2 people entering overseas (comprehensive)

Corona 19 screening clinic

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(Ulsan = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Yong-tae and Kim Geun-ju = On the 30th, 12 people were newly confirmed with the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Ulsan.

Ulsan City announced that 12 people who were confirmed from 00:00 to 6PM on the same day became confirmed cases 5641 to 5652 in Ulsan.

Two of them were confirmed to have entered the Netherlands and Germany on the 28th and 29th, respectively.

The city sends these samples to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine whether they correspond to the new mutation of Corona 19, Omicron.

Five of the remaining 10 were contacts of existing confirmed cases, including contacts of confirmed cases in Busan and North Gyeongsang Province.

For the remaining five, the route of infection has not yet been confirmed.

By place of residence, 2 people in Jung-gu, 3 people in Nam-gu, 2 people in Dong-gu, 4 people in Buk-gu, and 1 person in Ulju-gun.

The city is disinfecting the residence of the confirmed person and identifying the movement lines and contacts.

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