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‘120 Hours a Week’ Labor Officer Yoon Seok-yeol … Passport “Did you run for president of the Kyung Hee Federation?” “A strong chaebol bias”

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Former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol answers questions from reporters after visiting former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Foundation at the Ban Ki-moon Foundation on Gyeonghuigung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 15th. Parliamentary photojournalists

On the 20th, the Democratic Party of Korea launched an onslaught of “extremely biased toward the chaebol” and “an anachronistic view of labor” in relation to the remarks of former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, who ranked first in the opposition presidential election on the 20th.

Earlier, former President Yoon In an interview, “The current government claimed that jobs were created on a 52-hour workweek, but there are statistics showing that the job growth rate is only 0.1%. “It’s a failed policy,” he said. “You should be able to work hard at least 120 hours a week instead of 52 hours a week, and then be able to rest as much as you want.” Regarding negligence under the Criminal Act, he said, “The issue of direct judicial treatment against the management needs to be improved.” He added, “Rather than punishing some CEOs for the company’s wrongdoing, the company should be held accountable for criminal responsibility, such as imposing large fines on the corporation. We need to amend the criminal law in a way that recognizes it.

Kang Byung-won, the Democratic Party’s top member, said through social networking service (SNS) on the same day, “Is Seok-Yeol Yun’s labor promise to make Korea the number one working hour in the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)?” I can’t close Where did you come from a time machine and come from the two-eighth year?” he said sarcastically. Kang said, “Even if Candidate Yoon doesn’t worry about ‘what if I don’t work for a long time,’ the people of our country are already working a lot and for a long time. It ranks second in the OECD,” he said, emphasizing that “a sufficient social safety net must first be strengthened as a prerequisite for securing labor flexibility that Candidate Yoon emphasizes so much.”

Kim Young-bae, a member of the Supreme Council, also said on SNS, “I am shocked by Candidate Yoon’s anachronistic view of labor. People are not factory parts.” Kim said, “In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, it is hard to believe that this absurd situation in which a person who talks about 120 hours of work, which is likely only in the early 19th century, is going to become president is really confusing,” said Kim. no,” he said.

Rep. Woo Won-sik said, “If the union of former President Yoon and the people’s power is formed, the criminal responsibility of the ‘chaebol owner’ will be exempted and civil lawsuits will be made impossible. claimed that

Rep. Jeon Jeon-gi said, “It is a predicted disaster for those who have ruled before the law and people.” He also said, “I need to recognize as soon as possible that the hostility to the government alone cannot show the aspect of a Korean leader.”

Rep. Lee Su-jin (proportionate), a former labor union member, also said, “Today, many workers are sitting on the streets in the name of layoffs” in response to Yoon’s argument that the company’s business restructuring should be facilitated. Is it Yoon Seok-yeol’s fairness to change even the social consensus of the business community according to the taste of the business world?” he asked. Rep. Lee said, “Do you not know the reality that many working conditions are suffocating workers through agreements that are contracts?” “The claim to revise the criminal law so that managers are not held accountable in the Serious Accident Punishment Act breaks the hearts of workers who died from industrial accidents and their families. It’s a throwing remark,” he criticized. He said, “It is pathetic that former President Yoon is dreaming of becoming the president of Korea in the 21st century with the thoughts of the 18th century. Change it now.”

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