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Mobile phone fast charging has developed rapidly in recent years, from 30W more than two years ago (2018) to 65W today, and even now brands have launched 120W super fast charging, allowing mobile phone users to fully charge their phones within 30 minutes.

However, the 120W fast charge may be broken again soon. According to the latest report of the foreign media “Wccftech”, the maximum wattage of the mobile phone fast charge will exceed 120W again in 2021, reaching the 200W super fast charge that can be described as an exaggeration.

Xiaomi (Xiao Mi) uses its own 120W fast charging technology with a 4,500 mAh battery. Theoretically, it can be charged in 21 minutes. Because it is still not popular and only supports some models, most mobile phones still maintain 20W ~ 40W fast charging ( Apple iPhone only supports up to 20W fast charging). The reason why most major brands tend to be conservative on fast charging technology is that fast charging will have a bad effect on the battery.

For example, after Samsung experienced the spontaneous combustion of the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, its attitude towards battery and fast charging technology can be said to be very conservative. So far, the Galaxy S20 Plus launched in 2020 still only supports 25W fast charging, but There is not much inconvenience to most users.

The damage caused by fast charging to the battery is still an unsolvable problem. Therefore, even if the 200W fast charging comes out in 2021, foreign media have judged that the speed of popularization may not be so fast, and how to deal with heat dissipation will also be a big problem.

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