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12th | Stephy Tang and Ma Zhiwei have an intimate drama with a large scale: I have never tried it so bold (15:20)-20211028-SHOWBIZ

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The film “12th” starring Stephy and Ma Zhiwei became the opening film of the “Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2021”.

When Stephy attended the opening ceremony of the film festival last night, she said that Cecilia Cheung and Eason Chan starred in “The Twelve Nights” that year, with her growing up, and she did not expect to become the protagonist of the “12th” continuation of “Twelve Nights”. She said: “It’s very fun, but the performance is difficult. We are from couples in their 20s to couples in their 30s. Since we are not shooting in sequence, we have to distinguish the different stages of the role and constantly adjust our emotions. “

It was the first time to cooperate with Ma Zhiwei, and the two were about to shoot a close-up scene on the first day of work. Stephy recalled that there were several intimate scenes that were very hot, and one of them was about two people who couldn’t help themselves in the theater. She said, “I have never tried such a bold scale. I had a shirt when shooting, but the picture that came out did not seem to be.” Ma Zhiwei continued, “I have never tried this. I already admired Stephy’s delicate beauty when I was young. Being able to work with her this time should be a blessing from my last life.”

Mentioning that netizens found that their old love Qiu Shengyi (Prince) still liked his social network posts, Stephy said: “He has a physical examination, and I also have Like. This is social courtesy. Everyone is a friend. Sending Like equals support. (For a compound Buried the line?) I sent Like to many friends, that is, there are many lines? No, we are friends.”

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