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Minamoto SanetomoKamakura became a “non-main inn” after a murder (played by Hayato Kakizawa). If Kamakura-dono remains absent, the legitimacy of the unification of the Gokenin will be lost.

I would like to host the next Kamakura-dono as soon as possible, but I was the strongest candidatePrince of YurenThe story (Yorihito Shinno, Prince of the Retired Emperor Gotoba) does not progress at all.

Emperor Gotoba retiredLike (played by Matsuya Onoe), I don’t want to send an important prince to Kamakura, which is a dangerous place, andHojo Yoshitoki(Performer: Shun Oguri) seems to want to replace him with someone who is a little easier to handle.

However, we couldn’t bring ourselves to say it, so we started bargaining to get the other person to refuse.

… is the previous summary. NHK taiga drama”13 from Kamakura-dono”, The 46th broadcast is “a woman who became a general“. After Sanetomo’s death, who will be the next Kamakura-dono will be drawn.

“Nun Shogun” Masako. Of course I didn’t call myself (image)

Of course the subtitle indicatesMasako(played by Eiko Koike). later generationsgeneral nunHow will she overcome the difficulties in Kamakura?

This time also the official record of the Kamakura Shogunate “Azuma KagamiLet’s prepare for the taiga drama while reading”.

“But not now.”

Shinano former Secretary Xingguang Shangluo. It is six palaces. Between the two houses of Cold Spring Palace. This is the reason why the Guanguan (East) general can order to go to the imperial court. Consider the missionaries who applied for the two family orders. Su Laoyu’s family held a joint petition again. I hope this happens.

* “Azuma Kagami” article dated February 13, 1219

After the incident on January 27, MasakoYukimitsu Nikaido(Nikaido Yukimitsu, son of Nikaido Seiji) was sent to Kyoto. The purpose, of course, was to ask His Imperial Highness the Prince Imperial to visit Kamakura.

“Rokujo no Miya.Prince of Yacheng) or send Prince Reizei (Imperial Prince Yorihito) to Kamakura.”

Rebellion. Iga Tarozaemon Lieutenant Mitsusue Mitsutame Kyoto Guard Goes to Kyoto…

* “Azuma Kagami” article dated February 14, 1219

“Since Kamakura-dono was murdered in Bando and Kyoto is also in turmoil, let’s have Iga-dono guard him.”

On February 14th, the following day,Mitsuki Iga(Iga Mitsusue, Noe’s brother and Yoshitoki’s brother-in-law) was sent to Kyoto. Kyoto Shugo was, of course, nominally, to support the request of the imperial prince (put pressure on the Imperial Court).

Mitsusue Iga goes up to Kyoto (image)

Musashinomori Chikahiro went to Kyoto for the Nyudo.

* “Azuma Kagami” article dated February 29, 1219

Furthermore, on February 29,Oh Kihiro(Oe Chikahiro, son of Oe Hiromoto) is sent to Kyoto. It is encouraging in many ways.

It was written by ambassador Xingguang, former Secretary of Shinano. The other palace is under the imperial court. Listen to the air on the first day of this month. In the fairy cave, its sand tide. One of two. It must be ordered to put downwards. But not because of current events. On the same day, it was lowered. This can be attributed to Shen Zhiyun of Shen Zhiyun.

* “Azuma Kagami” article on February 12, 1219 jump

Perhaps it was thanks to Mitsusue Iga and Chikahiro Oe who protected Kyoto well that we were able to get a quick answer from the Imperial Court.

On February 12th, Nikaido Yukimitsu returned to Kamakura.

“The request arrived on the 1st of the February leap. Then on the 4th, I received a reply saying, ‘Well, let’s send either Prince Rokujo or Prince Reizei. But not at this time. The rice field “

Someday, surely, within it… a clichéd phrase of a promise that you have no intention of keeping. However, the Kamakura authorities, who want to welcome His Imperial Highness, cannot say, “Well, that’s enough.”

When I was getting angry with the food hanging in front of me, a messenger came from Kyoto. But let’s stop talking here.

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