“13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim” releases special bonuses and additional elements for the Switch version. Detailed introduction of “13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim”

ATLUS and Vanillaware jointly created the sci-fi drama adventure game “Thirteen Armies Defense Circle” will be launched on April 14, 2022 (Thursday) Nintendo Switch version (Chinese version simultaneous release), the official release today DLC special code, physical box A detailed introduction of bonuses and additional elements of the Switch version.

After the PlayStation 4 version was released in Japan on November 28, 2019 (in Asia on March 19, 2020), this work was evaluated as “so fun to make amnestics start all over again”, plus The meticulous script setting of the unforeseeable story development, under the praise of the players’ word of mouth, even appeared out of stock for a time, and won many awards in Japan and abroad.

  • Nominated for The Game Awards2020 “Best Narrative Category”

  • Selected works recommended by the “Entertainment Category” review committee of the 24th Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Art Festival

  • The 51st Nebula Awards “Media Category” Reference Candidates Selected

  • Japan Game Awards 2020 “Excellence Award in Work Category of the Year”

  • CEDEC2020 CEDEC AWARDS “Game Design Category Excellence Award” “Sound Category Excellence Award”

  • Japan Game Awards 2019 “Future Category”

  • FAMI Toshi・Dengeki Game Award 2019 “Best Screenplay Award” “Best Adventure Game Award”

At the same time, this work has also caused a heated discussion among the entertainment industry circles such as game creators and video writers. It is a best-selling work of Japanese-made adventure games in recent years. The global shipment has exceeded 500,000 sets. As players are eagerly looking forward to be able to play this game on the console that they carry with them, the development of the Nintendo Switch version has finally been promoted, which has now been decided to be released on April 14, 2022.

Value All in One Bundle

The PlayStation 4 download version of the deluxe edition bonus “DIGITAL SECRET FILE” & the first-purchase bonus “DIGITAL ART WORKS” are all included in the Nintendo Switch version, and the physical box version will also adopt the “special double cover illustration” specification.

  • DLC privilege ① “DIGITAL SECRET FILE”

All pages are digital e-books produced by VANILLAWARE, containing a variety of rich project content that can only be enjoyed in this special code, such as “1980s magazine style news”, “special illustrations”, “maze”, etc., as well as character settings The rich content of 132 pages of private setting pictures not included in the game is worth seeing.

  • DLC privilege ② “DIGITAL ART WORKS”

You can browse or play character animations (including data not included in the game), and enjoy the illustrated “dynamic” digital e-books in the original drawing size. In addition, it also includes special luxurious image design illustrations drawn after the release of other console versions + special double cover illustrations for the special Nintendo Switch physical boxed version, and a total of 9 new illustrations have been added.

  • “DIGITAL ART WORKS” additional illustrations (9 in total)

※ The DLC bonus is in Japanese.

  • Physical boxed edition bonus “special double cover illustration”

The cover of the physical boxed version has a double-sided design and a new special illustration on the back.

  • image

Additional elements in the game


The weapons that each protagonist can use in the battle of “Beng Huai Chapter” have been increased by 2 types (26 types in total).(※Includes some shared weapons)


  • Arm drilling machine gun (A machine gun with armor-piercing ability causes damage to monsters in a certain range in front of you regardless of armor.)

  • High-output plasma arc cutting machine (Use the cutting machine to cause huge damage to a monster on the ground, ignoring the armor, and make its actions slow.)

  • image

    Arm drilling machine gun

  • image

    High output plasma arc cutting machine

Yakushi Temple

  • Powerful pulse laser (fires a beam towards a certain area ahead, causing damage that ignores the armor.)

  • Armor-piercing multiple lock missiles (fire missiles at the monsters within the specified range to attack without armor. The actions of the monsters will become sluggish.)

  • image

    Powerful pulse laser

  • image

    Armor Piercing Multiple Locking Missile


  • The hurricane hits fiercely (with two fists in a row with high-speed punches. Attack the surrounding monsters multiple times.)

  • All ground missiles are launched (multiple missiles are released at the monsters on the ground within the specified range.)

  • image

    Hurricane combo

  • image

    Ground missile launch


  • Large-range multiple rocket launchers (fire a large number of rockets at a designated area in the distance.)

  • Plasma Shredder (projects plasma on the ground monsters in the front area, causing damage that ignores the armor and making its actions slow.)

  • image

    Wide range multiple rocket launcher

  • image

    Plasma grinder


  • EMP long-range missiles (fire missiles that generate electromagnetic pulses at a designated area in the distance. Flying monsters will be affected and fall to the ground.)

  • Large-scale bombing (Bombing a specific area in front of you to attack monsters.)

  • image

    EMP long-range missile

  • image

    Large-scale bombing


  • High-precision cannons (fire rounds in a narrow area in front, causing damage to monsters ignoring armor.)

  • Large-scale railgun (launching a large-scale frontal ultra-high-speed mass projectile with electromagnetic induction force to attack monsters.)

  • image

    High-precision cannon

  • image

    Wide range railgun

Network port

  • Point-locked missiles (fire missiles to attack monsters within the specified range. The monster’s actions will become sluggish.)

  • Strengthen the power furnace (the consumption of EP, POW, and range of attacking weapons are increased.)

  • image

    Point-locked missile

  • image

    Strengthen the power furnace


  • Four-type foot piling machine (continuously drive the spikes of the feet into the monster body and release an electric shock. The monster will be overheated.)

  • Motorized cooler (shorten the time required for us to act again within the designated area by 50%.)

  • image

    Four type foot pile driver

  • image

    Motorized cooler


  • Anti-air blasting blade (Use a one-handed rock cutter to smash the flying monster in front of you, ignoring the armor and causing huge damage.)

  • Strengthen the driver (The amount of movement before attacking with armed forces is 1.3 times.)

  • image

    Air blasting blade

  • image

    Hard drive


  • Ultra-long-range missiles (Long-range missiles are launched to attack monsters in a designated area in the distance.)

  • High-performance charger (reduces the time required for EP recovery during defense, and increases the amount of EP recovery.)

  • image

    Ultra long range missile

  • image

    High-performance charger


  • High-performance charger (reduces the time required for EP recovery during defense, and increases the amount of EP recovery.)

  • Suppress the rocket launcher in a wide range (fire a large number of rockets at the monster on the ground within the specified range. The movement of the monster will become sluggish.)

  • image

    High-performance charger

  • image

    Large-scale suppression of rocket launchers


  • Hacking Missile (A missile that will hack AI by launching a missile at a specified range of monsters.)

  • Random shooting to the ground (A large number of rockets are fired randomly at the surrounding area, causing damage that ignores the armor.)

  • image

    Hacking missile

  • image

    Random shooting on the ground


  • EMP pile driver (drive the spikes of the feet into the monster body and release an electric shock. It will cause the flying monster to fall to the ground.)

  • Jump transfer force field (move the designated area of ​​our side to your vicinity in an instant.)

  • image

    EMP pile driver

  • image

    Jump force field

English Voice

English voices have been added to the voices in the game. Japanese/English voice can be switched freely.


Transcending the past and the future, depicting a group drama woven by 13 young girls

In 1985, one day the “monster” suddenly fell like a meteorite. Thirteen young girls drive huge robots called “airmen”, transcending time and space to fight against the repeated “destiny of destruction”.

Game system

The story is advanced by three parts: “Benghuai”, “Reminiscence”, and “Study Ming”.

The adventure part “Remembrance” is to trace the truth of “Destroyed Destiny” from events in daily life. In the “Breakdown” part of the battle that guards the world, you must pilot a “airman” to fight monsters. In the “Study Ming Chapter”, you can review the development of the story by repeatedly reading event records and mysterious files.

Adventure part “Remembrance”

Everyone’s thoughts, love, etc., beyond the past and the future are intertwined in time and space, and the stories of all people are connected together to unlock the truth of the world.

First, start the story from the perspective of “Kurobe Juro”, and as the story progresses, there will be more playable protagonist routes.
The player decides which protagonist’s story to play first

“Keywords” can be obtained through dialogue. Keywords can be used for thinking, or thrown to the conversation partner, so that you can get new keywords that can advance the story.

  • image
  • image

It’s not just a matter of choosing options like a normal command-based adventure game, but in the form of “thinking in a dialogue and raising questions”.
It is closer to the intuitive thinking of ordinary daily life, so it can make the player more immersed in the story and puzzle-solving bridges

The adventure part is unfolded in the horizontal scrolling screen. According to the protagonist’s actions, the story will be divided, new keywords can be obtained or other routes can be opened.

VANILLAWARE’s works have always been characterized by beautiful images and detailed character animations.In this work, you can see the light and shadow pouring out of the classroom windows and the dust floating in the air. Every detail of the background art is very particular, and the personality of each character is also expressed in the action. People can understand character characteristics at a glance

The battle part “Bang Hou Chapter”

The part of the battle with the monsters is a simulated battle. Up to 6 of the 13 protagonists are selected to form a formation to guard the world defense base “terminal”. The characters that have not been assigned to the attack team will be automatically assigned to the defense team, and arranged around the terminal to support it in an automatic response mode.

  • image
  • image

The fighting style (difficulty) is divided into 3 types: “CASUAL”, “NORMAL”, and “STRONG”
Those who are not good at fighting and just want to enjoy the storyline can choose “CASUAL”, and those who want to experience the excitement in battle are recommended to choose “STRONG”

After selecting the defense area, form a team according to the type of monster that appears! Monsters will launch attacks on the stronghold, annihilate the monsters and defend the stronghold!

Choose to attack the enemy armed! There are various types of monsters, such as ground type and flying type. For different monsters, it is necessary to use the attack method of mutual restraint in order to effectively fight. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the types of monsters to fight.

  • <Character & Aircraft Strengthening>

After fighting with monsters, you can gain experience points, which can improve your character’s (driver’s) level and unlock your character’s inherent skills.

  • image
  • image

Collecting “high-dimensional chips” can strengthen soldiers, improve state parameters, strengthen or unlock weapons, strengthen terminal functions, and so on.

Record keeping room “study chapter”

In the record keeping room, you can read the “mystery files” that master the key to the story, or experience the scenes of the events that have been experienced in the “Remembrance” again. The “Mystery File” will be added when you advance the story in the “Remembrance Chapter”, and you can unlock it by using the points obtained in the “Crash Chapter”.

  • image
  • image
  • The meticulous settings such as characters, pilots, and food will be explained in detail with images. The events seen in “Reminiscence” will be reconfigured in chronological order

※ The screen is the Japanese version of the game content. The officially released product is the traditional Chinese version.

product Overview

  • Commodity name: Thirteen Aircraft Defense Circle

  • Game platform: Nintendo Switch

  • Release Date: April 14, 2022 (Thursday)

  • Suggested Price: NT$1,590/HK$438

  • Game language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese subtitles / Japanese voice, English voice

  • Game category: drama adventure

  • Number of players: 1

  • Sales: Seya Co., Ltd.

  • Game rating: Not yet reviewed

  • Official website:

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