14 Chhatra League leaders released in Rangpur

14 members of Chhatra League have been dismissed from their posts in Rangpur for their involvement in anti-organizational activities. This information was informed in a press release signed by Rangpur District Chhatra League President SM Sabbir Ahmed and General Secretary AKM Tanim Ahsan Chapal on Sunday (August 20) night.

According to an urgent decision of the Rangpur District Chhatra League, the vice-presidents of the Rangpur District Chhatra League, Belal Hossain Apel and Yasin Arafat Shubo, vice-presidents of the Badarganj Upazila Chhatra League, have been accused of being involved in activities that are indiscipline, criminal and undermine the dignity of the organization. President Jannatul Ferdous Tufan and Moinul Islam Shakeel, Pirgacha Upazila Chhatra League Vice President Raihan Sarkar, Gangachra Upazila Chhatra League Deputy Relief and Disaster Management Secretary Shakeel Ahmed have been relieved.

Also Kaunia Upazila Chhatra League member Rezwan Rinku, Peergacha Upazila No. 3 Itakumari Union Chhatra League Vice President Sohan Miah, Tambulpur No. 6 Union Chhatra League Vice President Mahmudul Hasan Manik, Kaikuri Union Chhatra League No. 8 Organizing Secretary Limon Molla, Gangachra Upazila No. 6 Gajjhanti Union Vice President President Al Mehdi Hasan, Joint General Secretary AR Arman Khan, Office Secretary Rashed Khan Abir and Sagar Islam, President of Ward No. 7 of Barabil Union Chhatra League, have been dismissed from their respective posts.

At the same time, Bangladesh Chhatra League was recommended to the Central Executive Council for permanent expulsion.

Among the 14 people, Rangpur District Chhatra League vice-president Yasin Arafat is accused in the rape case.

On the night of June 26, Yachin Arafat Shuvo was accused by a housewife who filed a case under the Women and Child Abuse Prevention Act at Pirganj police station.

Earlier on the night of June 25, when the housewife of Kutubpur area of ​​Mithipur Union of Pirganj Upazila came out to answer the call of nature at around 12:30 am, Yachin Arafat, who was already pregnant, grabbed her face from behind and took her to a nearby mud house. At that time, Yashin raped the housewife by threatening to kill her. Later, when the housewife’s husband went out to look for her with a flashlight, Shubo ran away after seeing the scene of rape and screamed.

Jeetu Kabir/MRM

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