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14 famous department stores busy organizing big cleaning After the technician installed a CCTV camera, wiring work, unaware of the coronavirus

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14 famous department stores busy organizing big cleaning After finding a CCTV technician installed on COVID-19, opened the timeline, found wiring to install CCTV Within the leading department stores in the city and outside the city up to 17 times from 14-29 Dec 2020

Dec 14, MBK Center 5th floor

Dec 15, Future Park Rangsit, B2S, 3rd floor

On December 16, Market Place Shopping Mall, 3rd Floor, Soi Nang Linchee Soi 3, Tops Supermarket Central Silom Tower, Basement Floor, Tops Supermarket Esplanade Cineplex Ratchadaphisek Floor G

On December 17, Robinson Department Store, 1st Floor, Samut Prakan Province

On December 18, Robinson Department Store, 1st floor, Samut Prakan Province, Tesco Lotus Bangkapi 2nd floor

December 19, Market Place Rama 3, Central Festival East Ville

December 22, Tops Supermarket Nong Chok Branch, Tops Market Saimai Branch

Dec 23, MBK Center 5th floor

Dec 25, MBK Center 5th floor

On December 29, Tops Supermarket Soi Phaholyothin 48, Tops Supermarket Soi Permsin 60, Fashion Island, underground zone

Dec 31, COVID-19 infection was detected.

Part No. Phasi Charoen Phasi Charoen, the director, makes a letter informing that Police rank Deputy traffic inspector, infected with COVID-19, is expected to be infected by his wife. To walk to shop at Bang Yai Fresh Market Which is currently an epidemic area And ordered the detention of 8 close traffic police, including 9 people infected with a total of 130 police officers.

While the Ninja Suki Shop in Thon District informed customers After meeting 1 COVID-infected employee closed the shop for 3 days, cleaning Explain a detailed timeline Found infected by a friend who went to eat together on New Year’s Eve He was later discovered to be infected with COVID-19.

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Including Condo Lumpini Ville Cultural center Issued a notice Found a resident of the D2 building project at the same room. Infected with COVID-19, 2 people, condominium juristic person has already urged the notification of the Department of Disease Control. And spray disinfectant in all common areas

In addition, Bangkok Bank Inform that there is an employee of the bank. Under the agency on the 9th floor of Silom Headquarters Building, 1 person is infected with COVID-19, who received the results and confirmation from the doctor that they were infected on January 2, by the said employee returned home in Samut Sakhon Province. On Friday, Dec. 18

The agency sees it as a risk area. He ordered the quarantine for 14 days. Then, on December 21, he was informed that a family member was found to be infected with COVID. The agency therefore ordered to be examined on December 22 with negative results. Later, the employee had a stuffy nose. And can’t smell Therefore re-examined for a second time on Jan. 1 and received a positive test result on Jan. 2.


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