14-year-old daughter meets father’s face in the police station must pretend to be unconscious

14-year-old daughter recounts the minute she was attacked by her father I had to pretend to pass out my father to stop doing it. After hurting the child, he went to look for his sister. Hurt his brother-in-law until his shoulder fell off. because he thought he was the one who released the clip

Progress in tracking the case of a father brutally attacking his 14-year-old daughter, causing both physical and mental injuries, which later, 47-year-old Renu, the child’s mother confirmed that will take the case against the father of the child, Mr. Watthanasak, 41 years old, until the end because of the brutal treatment of his daughter

Most recently, today (30 November 64) at 10:00 am, Mrs. Renu, along with her relatives, took Ms. Bee (a pseudonym), a girl who was attacked by her real father, to meet with her. Pol Lt. Col. Kittisak Thaikaew, investigative officer Muang Nakhon Sawan Police Station to give further testimony in the prosecution against Mr. Watthanasak with a team of social development and human security officers in Nakhon Sawan Province also attended the hearing where Ms. Renu, Ms. Bee’s mother, still confirmed that There will be absolutely no compromise, even if Ms. Bee’s father comes to apologize, he will not forgive.

Later, Mr. Wattanasak was summoned by the police had traveled to meet with the officials. It appears that when Ms. B saw her father’s face was severely shocked And cried before rushing out of the interrogation room until Mrs. Renu, the mother and Mrs Thiphat, 38 years old, the sister had to follow to embrace them to comfort them from their fear.

However, from the interrogation of Mr. Wattanasak has testified to the officer that who was so angry that the fuse broke and hurt the daughter that appears in the clip Because while scolding Ms. B’s child, she took a cutter knife and held her, thinking that she would hurt herself. So he hurriedly snatched it from his hand before teaching by pounding both hands and feet at his daughter unceasingly. I hope to teach my daughter But when the reporter inquired with Ms. Bee that she grabbed the cutter while being scolded by her father. It was because he wanted to hurt himself to sarcastic his father. who refuses to listen to their own side

Mr. Watthanasak He opened up to reporters briefly that he was stressed almost everywhere. in his own life Still have to stress about the child to cause problems again. thus making him angry until he loses consciousness and would like to apologize to the society

Mrs. Thipphat, sister of Ms. B, also revealed to reporters that last night Mr. Watthanasak is still looking for the matter. by taking matters of oneself Because he thought he was the one who brought the clip to publish. and at that time his husband was in the incident too The husband was still angry that Mr. Wattanasak had attacked his daughter like that. thus causing a scolding before arguing back and forth until the collision and her husband injured his shoulder dislocated so he had to rush to the hospital for treatment. who came to meet with the police Just look at his expression and his condition. There was no sign of regret at all.

while Mrs. Renu, Ms. B’s mother, added that asked the daughter when she was attacked by her father The daughter had to scream loudly. and had to pretend to faint because he knew the power of his father well that If the daughter still wakes up will still have to be abused by his father which he had met Mr. Wattanasak attacked many times So I know that if I’m not satisfied or not satisfied enough Mr. Wattanasak will never stop the violence.

As for the case will be prosecuted for two charges of assault. and about violence against children in the family but at that stage The police will send Ms. B to attend the investigation with the prosecutor first. The allegations will be notified later.



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