14-year-old girl → Pregnant after 2 years… 18-year-old girl who became a mother after her boyfriend changed his mind

Haha couldn’t hide his surprise at the story of ’18-year-old mother’ Park Yu-jin, who was pregnant at 16.

In MBN’s ‘High Schooling Daddy 2 That Adults Don’t Know’, which will be broadcast on the 4th, Cheetah will appear as a special guest and hear the story of Park Yu-jin, who became a mother at the age of 18.

Cheetah, who was in the studio that day, said goodbye to Park Mi-sun, Haha, and In Gyo-jin, 3MCs, and said, “I thought it was a program that openly talked about parts I knew them but he didn’t.” I know, and there were a lot of prejudices, so I decided to appear,” he said

Park Mi-sun asked, “Have you ever watched the show?” Cheetah replied, “I did. And my mom enjoys watching ‘Going Umpa’, and even though she’s bursting out inside, she’s proud of (the performers’ appearance). ).” Haha said, “The basics of our program are ‘in the middle'”, making everyone laugh.

The story of Park Yu-jin’s ‘High School Mom’ is presented in the form of a re-enactment drama. At the age of 14 from the start, the disciples of Mi-sun Park were trembling, and Haha said, “It’s too strong from the beginning of the story.” Park Yu-jin, who was in middle school, naturally developed a relationship with her boyfriend, but it broke up due to her boyfriend’s change of heart. Then I found out later that I was pregnant, and I was only 16 at the time.

The production team said, “Park Yu-jin became pregnant at the age of 16 and shared the story of becoming a mother at the age of 18, causing sympathy from 3MC and Cheetah. We will reveal the daily life of raising a child. It will be a passionate meeting with for a mother who made the studio a sea of ​​tears, so show a lot of interest and watch.”

Woobin Tenasia Correspondent bin0604@tenasia.co.kr

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