140 year old bungalow; Wayanad Holidays by Vineeth Srinivasan

Actor and director Vineeth Srinivasan vacationed in Wayanad. Vineeth has also shared the pictures taken from the resort where he stayed on Instagram. Vineeth has also posted a note about his stay at the resort in Wayanad and appreciates the resort. Vineet says he likes his stay here a lot. The actor has specifically mentioned that it is not a paid promotion.

The resort is located in Mangalam Carp Estate, a spice and coffee growing area in Chulliot, near Bathery Sultan. In the 1800s, Mangalam Carp Estate was established by one of the planters of the time, Colin Ollie Mackenzie. He planted coffee, tea and spices in over 200 acres of land. In 1932, the estate was bought by P. Balram Kurup, who was interested in growing rare spices and aromatics. Now it is home to a variety of flora.

The main attraction here is a beautiful 140 year old colonial bungalow. It is called an old bungalow. Inside the renovated bungalow are antiques and colonial furniture that are part of the family’s heritage. This is a great place for those who want to enjoy plantation life.

Apart from this, tree houses are built on top of trees. Built at a height of 40 feet, these luxurious tree houses can only be reached by winding paths through the coffee trees. Residents have the opportunity to walk to the surrounding areas and explore the gardens.

English Summary: Vineeth Sreenivasan Enjoy Holidays in Wayanad

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