16% from the first episode of ‘National Singer’… TV Chosun audition success?

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TV Chosun ‘Tomorrow is a national singer’

[TV조선 제공. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Jeong-jin Kim = ‘Trot Audition Masterpiece’ TV Chosun’s new audition regardless of genre, ‘Tomorrow National Singer’ (hereinafter ‘National Singer’), showed off its potential by exceeding 15% in viewer ratings from the start.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research company on the 8th, the first episode of TV Chosun’s new entertainment program ‘National Singer’, which was broadcast at 10 pm the day before, recorded 13.9% and 16% (non-terrestrial paid households) in viewer ratings (Parts 1 and 2). Trot’s first broadcast ratings exceeded 12.5% ​​(non-terrestrial paid households).

On the previous day’s broadcast, 111 teams of qualifiers divided into 12 divisions, including college, business and economics, unnamed, and elementary school, showed their performances in front of the judges for the first time.

In the college department, judges from Kim Hee-seok, who showed off her explosive singing ability, Yoo Yong-min, who has high-level guitar skills and seasoned stage manners, Choi Jin-seul, a YouTuber who reinterpreted ‘Tobacco Shop Lady’ with her own color, and Lee Ju-cheon, an aspiring actor with a sweet voice, are judged. It won the hearts of the members and made it to the finals.

In the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, which consists of volunteers from Tokyo, Lee Solomon, who sang “Gypsy Woman,” and Kim Dong-hyun, who was highly praised as Korea’s Sam Smith, in the Unknown List, made up of talented musicians, folk song singer Park Chang-geun, who stood out with an open voice. The performances of Kim Do-ha, the protagonist of a famous commercial commercial song, and Park Jang-hyun, a member of Bromance, stood out.

Also, in elementary school, the youngest participant Kim Yu-ha advanced to the finals with ‘Ah, the old days’ sang with great performance. raised

‘National Singer’ is the first audition program introduced by TV Chosun, which created a craze for trot audition nationwide, without limiting the genre.

However, there are many similarities to the ‘Mr. Trot’ and ‘Mr. Trot’ series, from the audition process to the screening of existing ‘masters’ such as Kim Seong-joo, Park Seon-joo, and Shinji.

Meanwhile, SBS TV ‘I Need Women’, which aired the day before, was 3.9%, MBC TV’s ‘Extreme Debut Wild Stone’ was 0.8%, Channel A’s ‘Urban Fisherman 3’ was 3.2% (hereinafter referred to as non-terrestrial paid furniture), and JTBC’s ‘Cooking’ : The Birth of the Cooking King’ recorded a rating of 1.4%.

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