16 months in prison without parole for ‘Narison Thongthirat’, former Pheu Thai MP, insert card instead.

September 22, 2022 – at 2:00 pm in the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court for Persons Holding Political Positions, Sanam Luang, the court reads the judgment on the Black Case No. 36/2562 in the Attorney General, the plaintiff, Mr. Narison Thongthirat, former Pheu Thai MP Replace the card

The plaintiff sued that the defendant was then an MP. On 10 September 2013, at noon, a joint meeting of the second term of the National Assembly was held. To consider the draft constitution amendment at 5:33 pm The defendant brought an electronic card, which is the actual card of the defendant and members of the National Assembly. Several other cards were inserted into the voting machine and they pressed a button to represent themselves and vote. Later, on September 11, 65 at 4:43 pm, the defendant brought an electronic card, which was the defendant’s real card and his . Several other senators plug into voting machines and press a button to enter and vote.

punish accordingly The Prevention and Suppression of Corruption Act, BE 2542, Section 123/1, The Prevention and Suppression of Corruption Act, BE 2561, Section 172, in conjunction with the Criminal Code, Section 91, count the defendant’s punishment on after the punishment Imprisoned in Criminal Case No. 8/2565 of this Court, the defendant refused. The first problem to be diagnosed is that the plaintiff has the power to file a lawsuit or not. The Judiciary found that the judgment of the Constitutional Court No. 15-18/2556 had no issue of criminal liability. that any person How to be punished? It is therefore a matter that must be proceeded with as a criminal case NACC has the power and duty to investigate facts. that the NACC did not draw attention to the cause of the crime based on the judgment The Constitutional Court binds the NACC as the defendants fight. Although the constitution provides for the parliament to have the power Duty to present a proposal and consider a proposal for an amendment to the Constitution but in the actions of the members of Parliament as an officer or official of the government If he performs or refrains from any practice he can be liable for Offenders must go through the trial process and adjudication by the court. plead guilty as the defendant claimed The memorandum of allegations has detailed the date of the incident. The defendant did not make a statement to the court that he did not understand the plaintiff’s indictment and that the plaintiff’s lawsuit had already been described. The plaintiff has the power to sue

The next problem Did the defendant commit a crime according to the lawsuit? The defendant testified that the person who appeared in the video clip was the defendant. Complying with the testimony of Ms. Ror., the court sent a video clip to be examined and no traces of editing were found. It can be heard that the defendant placed a number of cards in the voting machine as shown in the picture. All 3 video clips are real.

The next problem is that Did the defendant put several cards in the voting machine as shown in the video clip to vote on behalf of other members? Several of the plaintiff’s witnesses testified that card in a video clip Scenes are real cards. And there is more than 1 card because it is known to be a real card because it is a card with a picture of the defendant’s actions as a procedure that leads to the voting results appear several times for each card.

Having listened so that the defendant voted on behalf of other members. When the original card is not replaced by a new card, it is not possible. The defendant will have several real cards as mentioned. The original card cannot be voted on, so there is no point in having the defendant bring the card. That has been canceled to use the actual card and the reserved card will show the results of the vote only once, so there is no reason for the defendant. The physical card and backup card must be inserted into the card reader, as shown in the video clip, there is a flashing light. Every time you use each card Show that each electronic voting card Evidence heard that In fact, the defendant voted on behalf of other members.

The next issue is whether or not the defendant’s actions as shown in the video clip were the events of the lawsuit. seeing that the sound in the video clip corresponds to the text of the minutes of the parliamentary meeting which recorded words Almost every word of the attendees of the meeting can be compared to the sound that appears in the video clip.

The facts are heard so The actions of the defendant as shown in the video clip were events following the legal proceedings. Although the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) later announced the termination of the 2007 Constitution, with the exception of Chapter 2, it did not have the effect of disproving that no action by the defendant against Legitimacy was taking place Or it turns out that is the defendant’s actions a crime. The defendant’s case as being sued is done on different days and times. Each crime depends on the intention to commit a separate crime. Therefore, it is a crime of acts 2. Judgment that the defendant is guilty according to Action on Prevention and Anti-corruption Act, 1999, Section 123/1 is a multi-karma crime punishable for every crime. according to article 91 of the Criminal Code

The majority of judges gave the account Sentenced to prison for 1 year The defendant’s evidence was useful to consider. there is a penalty of reducing the penalty to a third According to the Criminal Code, Section 78 will be imprisoned for 8 months per count, a total of 2 counts, which is 16 months imprisonment. The circumstances of the case are serious. Although the defendant did not appear to have committed any previous crimes, there was no reason to await the defendant’s punishment. The part that the plaintiff is liable to count the defendant’s punishment from the punishment The defendant in black case number Or 5/2565 of this Court, since the said case, the Court has not yet issued a verdict.

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