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16 outstanding SMEs in the COVID-19 era from the “Seven-Eleven Sustainable SME 2021” award

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OSMEP and OHEC join hands with 7-Eleven to present the award “Seven-Eleven SMEs Sustainable 2021” to serve as a model for Thai SMEs. Continue to develop and upgrade product quality to international standards. There are entrepreneurs who have been selected to receive such awards, 9 types of awards, a total of 16 awards.

List of entrepreneurs who have won all 16 awards

Type 1. Sustainable SMEs Including the snack food business “Nacket” from Tanna Foods Co., Ltd.

Type 2. Excellent SMEThese include “Hong Thai” herbal inhaler from Hong Thai Herb Co., Ltd. and Morigami and The Nature dietary supplement products from Pa Lan Rai Co., Ltd.

Type 3. SME Rising Star Including “April Bakery” spring rolls from Singha Food Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and “Clearnose” skin care products from NRPL Asia Co., Ltd.

Type 4. SME agricultural products Including fresh fruit from Thai Best Products Holding Co., Ltd. and fresh fruit from S.P.S. Fruits Co., Ltd.

Type 5. SME, community entrepreneurs Including products “Kap-Mook Rungthana” from Rungthana Interfoods Co., Ltd. and herbal tea and dried herbs products. “Doctor Green” from Darich Green Company Limited

Type 6. creative SMEs Including food supplement products “Omes” from Omes Biotech Co., Ltd.

Type 7. SME health products Including coconut oil products “Agrilife” from Agree Life (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and dietary supplements “Real Elixir” from Nutrition Professional Co., Ltd.

Type 8. SME, the best contractor including Keng Engineering Company Limited, Advance Electric Service Company Limited

Type 9. SME, local contractor, rising star namely, T. Wattanapong Limited Partnership and Phuket S.C.T. Construction Company Limited

Mr. Yuthasak Phumsurakul
Mr. Yuthasak Phoomsurakul, Managing Director (Co), CP All Public Company Limited, Executives of 7-Eleven and Seven Delivery revealed that 7-Eleven works with 2 important alliance agencies, namely The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) and the Department of Industrial Promotion (OSMEP) organized an award ceremony for “Seven-Eleven SMEs Sustainable 2021”. This year is the 5th year. to honor potential SME entrepreneurs and inspiring SME entrepreneurs in all product groups Even in difficult business situations But there are SME entrepreneurs. Many are able to stand and grow like these awards will be part of creating and building opportunities for awardees of all types.

Mr. Weerapong Malai
Mr. Weerapong Malai, Director of the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) Said that in the past, OSMEP had to urgently provide assistance. through various measures such as government procurement measures or providing assistance to entrepreneurs through various projects of OSMEP and this award ceremony It is another important event for SMEs to learn strategies and business ideas in the Next Normal era, including expanding into ASEAN and international markets.

Ms. Ariyaporn Amankasoradej
while Ms. Ariyaporn Amankasoradej, Director of the Agricultural-Industrial Development Division Department of Industrial Promotion (KPI) said that SME entrepreneurs It is an important cog in driving the country’s economy. Department of Industrial Promotion, Dee Prom, has a concept of promoting and supporting SMEs according to the “STI” policy, where S is Skill (Urgent Skill), T is Tools (Urgent Tool) and I is Industry (Urgent Industry) for strong and sustainable growth.

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