16 Patent Thong Syndrome Get the medicine at the pharmacy immediately.

Using the correct ‘gold card’ you must know about ‘little sickness’ 16 syndromes to get medicine at the ‘pharmacy’ straight away.

service procedure

1 Check the list of nearby pharmacies participating in the project at

or notice of the “My quality pharmacy” sticker provides

minor illness

2. Go to the pharmacy and bring your ID card with you The pharmacist will screen the initial symptoms.

Give medication along with medication instructions (or recommend to see a doctor just in case

found to have symptoms requiring medical attention)

3 The pharmacist followed the patient’s condition on the 3rd day of delivery.

16 What are the symptoms?

1. Headache (headache)

2. Dizziness

3. Joint pain (JOINT PAIN)

4. Sore muscles (Muscle Pain)

5. Fever (Fever)


7. Sore Throat (SORE THROAT)

8. Abdominal pain (STOMACHACHE)

9. Constipation (Constipation)


11. Urination, difficulty urinating, painful urination (DYSURIA)

12. Abnormal vaginal discharge (Vaginal discharge)


14. Wounds (Wound)

15. Various abnormalities that occur with the eyes (EYE DISORDER)

16. Anomalies That happen to the ear (EAR DISORDERS)

For more information, please get in touch

1. NHSO helpline 1330

2. Online channels

• NHSO line, type Line ID @nhso or click https://lin.ee/zzn3pU6

• Facebook : National Health Security Office https://www.facebook.com/NHSO.Thailand

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