16 players at Wat Rathae, a member of parliament, distributed pajamas and sports equipment for use after the training camp was completely damaged by floods.

16 players in the 13th year of Wat Rat Niyom Tham Municipal School. “Sor. Nueng” Khwanlert Panichmat pays off to buy pajamas and football training equipment. A total value of more than twenty thousand baht to use. After the football training camp was damaged by floods. Most of the sports equipment was swept away by the water.
From the monsoon events that brought heavy rain in the last week. Causing flooding in many places in Si Racha District, Chonburi Province. Including a football training camp for 13-year-old players of Wat Rat Niyom Tham Municipal School, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province. Located in Moo 7 area, Surasak Sub-District, Si Racha District, Chonburi Province Flooded up to almost 1 meter, causing the accommodation next to the machines in the athlete’s room toilet of the football stadium to be damaged by flooding By including the team’s football training equipment, was washed away with almost all of the water.


The latest at around 4:30 pm today (September 19, 2022) “Sor. Nueng” Khwanlert Panichmat, Member of the House of Representatives in Sriracha-Koh Sichang District, Chonburi Province, has received an application from Mr Akradet Rattanaphan, who coached soccer players for 13 years at Wat Rat Niyom Tham Municipal School, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province. That the equipment inside the football training camp was damaged by flooding. Including football training equipment that is washed away by the water. So I would like to ask for your support this time too.
after knowing about So “Sor. Nueng” Kwanlert Panichmat led the team to clean the area inside the training camp. including the purchase of 16 sets of bedding sets, pillows, and training equipment such as number 5 soccer balls, markers, rubber cones, etc., totaling over twenty thousand baht. Bring the football coaches and players this time too. To create dreams for football players in this set to have a place to rest and sleep Before going to practice in order to develop into a professional player in the future



The 13-year-old footballer’s representative revealed that they were delighted to do so. A member of the House of Representatives donated bedding and equipment for football practice sessions. for us to use it in training and take adequate rest After this, we will be diligent, determined, and practice as best we can for the goal of becoming a professional footballer and a professional footballer. And I would like to thank MP Nueng very much for giving us mattresses and training equipment this time. On the side of Mr Akradej Rattanaphan, the coach revealed that for today, we would like to thank Congressman Kwanlert Panichmat very much for supporting football training equipment and mattresses for football players this time.

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