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International Center / Reported by Lan Shimeng

Many haunted houses and hospitals will be turned into haunted houses for the locals after being abandoned. A 16-year-old high school student in Malaysia recently went to Pahang by the sea with his parents for a holiday. During this period, he went out to play with several local teenagers. In a well-known haunted house, the boy suddenly collapsed and shouted inside, saying that he had seen a lot of ghosts.

▲The young man broke into the haunted house by mistake and was so terribly frightened that he passed out. (Diagram/Retrieved from Pixabay)

According to a report by Malaysia’s “China News”, a 2 minute 45 second video went viral on the Internet recently. I saw a teenager collapsed in the dark and shouted, saying that he had seen “a house full of ghosts,” no matter how his companions comforted him. He, the boy still breathed more and more quickly, and even went into a coma after being scared, and then he was given first aid and sent to a doctor by a group of people, but the boy still died unfortunately.

It is understood that the teenager originally lived in Malacca and went to Pahang by the sea with his parents during vacation. However, he accidentally ran into a well-known haunted house in Bentong with his friends, causing the teenager to be scared to death. After a forensic autopsy, the juvenile had a heart attack. It cannot be ruled out that the heart attack was caused by fright and he died unexpectedly. The body of the boy has been transported back to Malacca for burial.

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