16 years undefeated; Let Angala rest now | Angela Merkel | Olaf Scholz

BERLIN: Angela Merkel has retired from German politics after a decade – long endorsement of Forbes magazine’s recognition of her as the most powerful woman in the world. Olaf Scholes, who stepped down as chancellor after being elected in September, will succeed his caretaker cabinet today. Along with Angala, Scholes was Vice Chancellor and Minister of Finance.

Germany is now led by an extraordinary alliance of Scholes’ Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Free Democrats. The new coalition of middle-left Social Democrats, environmentalist Green Party and Free Democrats with a business-friendly agenda has a clear majority in parliament. Merkel’s Christian Democrats will be in opposition.

Angla (67), a scientist, became Chancellor of Germany on November 22, 2005. During his four consecutive terms as Chancellor, the faces of world leaders have changed, including 4 US presidents, 4 French presidents, 5 British prime ministers and 8 Italian prime ministers. In Germany, however, Merkel has remained the same for the past 16 years.

They are stepping down, leaving behind the dissatisfaction of not being able to complete much in these times of crisis, including Kovid.

English Summary: End of an era, Germany’s Angela Merkel bows out after 16 years; Olaf Scholz to take office



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